Selenium Fresher Interview Questions

Selenium Fresher Interview Questions

Selenium Fresher Interview Questions, Interview Questions on Selenium Installation, Inspecting Elements, Locating Web Elements, and Performing actions on the Web Elements.

selenium tutorial
Selenium Tutorial for Beginners

1. What are the benefits of Automation Testing?

2. Why should Selenium be selected as a test tool?

3. What is Selenium? What are the different Selenium components?

4. What are the testing types supported by Selenium?

5. What are the testing types supported by Selenium?

6. What is Selenese?

7. Selenium Test Environment setup is some difficult than other tools like UFT or RFT, Why?

8. What is the latest version of Selenium WebDriver?

9. What is the same-origin policy and how is it handled?

10. What is Selenium’s official Web Site (from where we get Selenium Software and Documentation)?

11. What are the different types of element locators in Selenium?

12. What is the most preferred Element locator by Selenium?

13. What is the most powerful tool in the Selenium Tool Suite? and Why?

14. What is the use of Testing Framework in Selenium?

15. How to Select a Testing Framework for Selenium?

16. Is Selenium supports Acceptance Testing?

17. What is the advantages of Maven integration with Selenium?

18. Is Maven like build automation tool integration for Selenium?

19. What is POM in Selenium?

20. What IDE you prefer for Writing Selenium Test Cases?

21. How to conduct Negative Testing using Selenium?

22. How to conduct Positive and Negative Testing using a single Test Case?

23. How to insert verification points in Selenium Test Cases?

24. How to conduct Parallel Testing using Selenium?

25. What is the use of Selenium RC?

26. What is Selenium Licence?

27. What is “Captcha” field in Web Applications?

28. How to automate “Captcha” fields?

29. How to inspect HTML/Web Elements?

30. How to identify unique locators for Elements?

31. Is Selenium supports Database Testing?

32. What is the difference between Parameterization and Data Driven Testing?

33. How to conduct Data Driven Testing using Selenium?

34. How to conduct Batch Testing using Selenium?

35. How to handle “PopUp windows” using Selenium?

36. When we insert wait time in Selenium Test cases?

37. Is Selenium supports Performance Testing?

38. What is Test independency?

39. What is Selenium “WebElement”?

40. What is Selenium WebDriver method for capturing Error messages from a Web page?

41. What is “TextArea” in Web Applications?

42. Generally, “tagName” locator is not recommended for locating elements, why?

43. Where “findElements” method (Selenium WebDriver method) is used?

44. What is “xpath”?

45. What are the prerequisites for writing Selenium Test Cases?

46. Where we store our Selenium Test Cases?

47. What is “GitHub”?

48. Is Selenium used for “DevOps”?

49. What is Automation Framework (ex: Keyword driven framework, hybrid framework)?

50. Is Selenium IDE used for project automation?

51. What are the drawbacks of Selenium?

52. What are the advantages of Selenium over UFT/QTP?

53. Is Selenium supports automating Mobile Web Applications (web apps)?

54. What is the relation between Selenium and Appium?

55. How can I read test data from excel files?

56. What is the major difference between driver.close() and driver.quit()?

57. What are Selenium WebDriver’s verification commands/methods?

58. What are the uses of Testing Framework (ex: JUnit or TestNG) in Selenium?

59. what are the advantages of Using GitHub For Selenium?

60. Do have an idea about Katalon Studio?

61. Do have an idea about “Cucumber integration with Selenium”?

62. What is the difference between “Text Link” and “Image Link”?

63. How to conduct Cookies Testing using Selenium?

64. How to Test “Broken Links” using Selenium?

65. How to test Captcha and Bar Code fields using Selenium?

66. Can we integrate Selenium with JMeter for Test Management?

67. What is the exception test in Selenium?

68. What is Page Factory?

69. What is the use of JavaScriptExecutor?

70. How to handle multiple Browser windows in Selenium?

71. What are Listeners in Selenium?

72. Can you navigate back and forth the webpage using Selenium?

73. How to take screenshots in Selenium WebDriver?

74. Can we prioritize Selenium Test Cases?

75. What is the difference between “Image Link” and “Image Button”?

76. How to handle “Frames” in Web pages using Selenium?

77. What is the use of Programming language (Java or Python or some other supported language) in Selenium Testing?

78. How we integrate different plugins and frameworks with Selenium?

79. How to capture Screenshot in Selenium WebDriver?

80. How to mouse hover on a web element using Selenium WebDriver?

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