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Selenium Course Brochure, Selenium WebDriver Tutorial, Java Programming for Selenium, TestNG testing framework for Selenium, and Selenium Automation Framework.

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Modules in Selenium Training 

I. Introduction.

II. Java Programming for Selenium

III. Selenium WebDriver

IV. TestNG Testing Framework for Selenium

V. Selenium Project

VI. Selenium Automation Framework

selenium training
Selenium Training with Live Project

Selenium Syllabus

I. Introduction

1. Introduction to Selenium

What is Selenium?, Features of Selenium, Selenium Version History, Advantages of Selenium, Drawbacks of Selenium, Selenium Reusability, and Selenium Integration.

2. Selenium Testing Process.

Selecting Manual Test Cases for Automation, Selenium Test Environment, Locating Elements, Performing Actions on the AUT, Page Object Model, and Writing & Enhancing Test Cases.

II. Java Programming for Selenium

java tutorial
Java Programming for Selenium
3. Introduction to Java

What is Java?, History of Java, Features of Java, Editions of Java, JVM, JRE, and JDK.
Applications of Java / Uses of Java.

4. Java Installation & write first Java Program.

Download Java Software, Install Java, Set Java Environment Variable, Download Eclipse IDE, and Install/Extract Eclipse IDE. Launch Eclipse IDE and Write first Java Program.

5. Java Syntax & Program Structure

Java Syntax, sections of Java Program, Documentation Section, Package Statement/s Section, Import statement/s, Class Definition, Interface Section, and main() Method/Main Program. Java Comments, Java Normal Statements, and Code Blocks.

6. Writing Java Comments

Purpose of Comments, Java Comment Syntax, Single line comments, Multiline comments, Comment Syntax of Eclipse IDE, and Usage of Comments in Test Automation.

7. Java Data Types

What is Data Type?, Java Primitive Data Types (Integer Java Data Types, Relational Data Types, Character Data Type, and Conditional Data Type), Non-primitive data Types (String, Array, and Objects), and Java Data Type Conversion.

8. Java Modifiers
9. Java Variables
10. Java Operators
11. Java Control Flow – Conditional / Decision-Making Statements
12. Java Control Flow – Loop Statements
13. Java Control Flow – Branching Statements
14. String Handling in Java
15. Java Array, Java ArrayList
16. Java IO –  User Input
17 Java IO – File Handling
18. Java Methods – Built-in Methods
19, Java Constructors
20. Java Methods – User-defined Methods.
21. Exception handling in Java
22. Java Object-Oriented Programming – Inheritance
23. Java Object-Oriented Programming – Polymorphism
24. Java Object-Oriented Programming – Abstraction
25. Java Object-Oriented Programming – Encapsulation

III. Selenium WebDriver

selenium tutorial
Selenium Step by Step Tutorial for Beginners.
26. Selenium Installation & write first Selenium Test Case
27. Locating Elements in Selenium
28. Selenium WebDriver Methods
29. Page Object Model in Selenium
30. Writing Selenium Test Cases

IV. TestNG Testing Framework for Selenium.

TestNG Tutorial
TestNG Testing Framework for Selenium
31. Install TestNG & write the first TestNG program.
32. Create multiple Test cases & run
33. Prioritize Test cases and Group Test cases.
34. Execute multiple programs/classes using XML.
35. Data Driven Testing using @DataProvider annotation

V. Selenium Project

36. Project Explanation.
37. Derive Sanity Test Scenarios for Admin Interface
38. Derive Sanity Test Scenarios for User Interface
39. Derive Comprehensive (All Possible) Test Scenarios for Admin Interface
40. Derive Comprehensive (All Possible) Test Scenarios for User Interface

VI. Selenium Automation Framework

Selenium Hybrid Framework
Selenium Automation Frameworks
41. Selenium Test Environment Setup
42. Create object repositories and customized commands
43. Create reusable functions, collect test data
44. Create Test cases using OR, functions, and by connecting test data
45. Execute Test Batches and Store Test Results.
46. Maintenance of Automation Resources.
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