Domain Knowledge for Software Testers

Domain Knowledge for Software Testers, Banking Domain Knowledge, Insurance Domain, ERP Domain Knowledge, and Healthcare Domain Knowledge.

Domain Knowledge is required for Software Testers, Software Developers, and Business Analysts.

Domain Knowledge for Software Testers

1. Banking Domain Knowledge for Testers

Banking Domain Knowledge for Testers, What is Banking, Types of Banks, Types of Bank Accounts, Types of Banking Products, and Banking Terms.

2. Banking Domain Fundamentals

Banking Domain Fundamentals, Banking Domain Knowledge for Software Testers, Types of Banking Software, and Important functionalities of Banks.

3. Interview Questions on Banking Domain

Interview Questions on Banking Domain, Types of Banks, Types of bank Accounts, Banking Products, banking primary functions, and Banking Terms.

4. Banking Software Projects

Banking Software Projects, Core Banking System, ATM Banking, Internet Banking, Mobile Banking, Forex Management, Treasury Management System, Asset Liability Management System, and Financial Management System.

5. Investment Banking Fundamentals

Investment Banking Fundamentals,, Investment Banking Skills, Underwriting, Mergers & Acquisitions, Sales & Trading, Equity Research, and Asset Management.

6. Insurance Domain Knowledge

Insurance Domain Knowledge, What is Insurance?, Types of Insurance, Insurance Software Applications, and Insurance industry Terminology.

7. Insurance Domain Fundamentals

Insurance Domain Fundamentals, What is Insurance?, Types of Insurance, Insurance Software Projects, and Important Terms in Insurance Domain.

8. ERP Domain Knowledge

ERP Domain Knowledge, What is ERP, Purpose of ERP, What Types of Businesses Use ERP Systems, ERP Software Packages, and Modules of ERP System.

9. Healthcare Domain Knowledge

Healthcare Domain Knowledge for Software Testers, History of the domain, Software Products for the Healthcare Industry, and Healthcare Terminology.

10. Ecommerce Domain Fundamentals

Ecommerce Domain Fundamentals, Types of Ecommerce, Business to Consumer, Business to Consumer, Consumer to Business, and Consumer to Consumer.

11. Interview Questions on Ecommerce Domain

Ecommerce Domain Knowledge for Software Testers, Business to business, Business to consumers, online shopping, and the advantages of eCommerce.

12. UNIX Operating System Fundamentals

UNIX Operating System Fundamentals, What is UNIX?, Install UNIX operating System, UNIX OS Architecture, UNIX Commands, and Shell Scripting.

13. UNIX Knowledge For Software Testers

UNIX Knowledge For Software Testers, What is UNIX?, Flavors of UNIX like Solaris, Linux, and Macintosh. UNIX Operating Environment, UNIX Kernel, UNIX Shell Scripting, and UNIX Commands. Operating Desktop and Web-based Software Applications on UNIX Operating Environment. Conduct Testing on UNIX OS.

14. SQL Queries for Software Testers

SQL Queries for Software Testers, Database Fundamentals, Database Engine Installation, SQL Language Elements, Data Definition Language, Data Manipulation Language, and Data Control Language. SQL Views, SQL Keys, SQL Indexes, and Database Normalization.

15. Programming Knowledge for Software Testers

Programming Knowledge for Software Testers is mandatory for Automated Testers, Programming Knowledge for Software Developers, and Programming Knowledge for Database Developers. UFT (Formerly QTP) uses VBScript for writing Automated Test Scripts and Selenium uses either Java or C#.NET or Python or Perl or Ruby or PHP for writing Selenium Test Cases.


Importance of Domain Knowledge

• Nowadays, Testing is mandatory for every Software Application it is Banking Application or Insurance Application or ERP Application or Telecom Application or Healthcare Application, if you want to conduct Testing on any Software Application you must have some domain knowledge in order to understand the Business operations of Software Application.

• Usually Companies provide Domain knowledge for Fresher by providing Training programs or knowledge sharing.

• If you want Test Online Banking Application then you must know,

Account Summary,


Fund Transfer,

Bill Payments, Etc… Business Operations.

• If you want to Test Hospital Management Software then you must know,

Patient Registration,

Inpatient, OutPatient,

Medical Tests, Lab Reports,

Bill Payments (cash payment, Card payment, Insurance Claim) etc… Business Operations.

• If you want Test Online Shopping Portal then you must know,

Customer Registration,

Search Products,

Shopping Cart,


Payments etc… Business Operations.
• If you want to conduct Database Testing/Back-end Testing, SQL Knowledge is mandatory.

• If you want to Test any Software Application on UNIX Operating Environment then UNIX Operating System knowledge is Mandatory.

• If you want to Automate the Software Test process (Functional Test Automation) using any Test Tool then Programming knowledge is Mandatory.

• If you want to write Test Plan, Test Cases, Collect Test Data, Report Defects, Collect Test metrics, and Test Summary Report then Documentation knowledge (Ex: MS Excel, MS Word, etc..) is Mandatory.

Domain Knowledge for IT Professionals.

Software Testing (Manual, Selenium, UFT/QTP, JMeter, Java, Python, VBScript, and SQL) Tutorials

1. Manual Testing Tutorial (Document/Text)

Manual Testing Tutorial (Video)

2. Selenium Tutorial (Document/Text)

Selenium Tutorial (Videos)

3. UFT/QTP Tutorial (Document/Text)

UFT/QTP Tutorial (Videos)

4. Apache JMeter Tutorial (Document/Text)

Apache JMeter Tutorial (Videos)

5. SQL Tutorial (Document/Text)

SQL Step by Step Tutorial – Full Course for Beginners (Video)

6. Java Tutorial (Document/Text)

Java Tutorial (Video)

7. Python Tutorial (Document/Text)

Python Tutorial (Video)

8. VBScript Tutorial (Document/Text)

VBScript Tutorial (Videos)

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