Is Selenium Certification Worthy?

Is Selenium Certification Worthy?, Importance of Software Testing Certifications, Manual Testing Certifications, and Automation Certifications.

Selenium Syllabus

No Valid Certification for Selenium.

I think ‘Selenium Certification is not worthy’ since it is open-source software and no official announcement from ‘Selenium Developer Comunity’.

In Selenium job requirements (, etc, ), we can’t find that companies are asking for Selenium Certification.

Some Training institutions are offering Selenium Certification with their self-defined syllabus (not universal syllabus), and these programs are not having any recognization.

Selenium Developers community (official website is: is not referring to any Selenium certification.

Selenium is not an all-inclusive test tool, it requires some third-party plugins and frameworks in order to broaden the scope of testing, Role of Programming, Testing Framework, etc, are important in Selenium Testing.

Software Testing Certifications

1. What is Certification?
2. Importance of Software Testing Certifications
3. Types of Software Testing Certifications?
4. ISTQB Certifications
5. Conclusion on Certifications

1. What is Certification?

Certification is a formal process of making certain that an individual is qualified in terms of particular knowledge or skills.

2. Importance of Software Testing Certifications

The current IT Job Market is competitive, taking a certification exam, can help you differentiate yourself from peers, your employment chances, and result in higher remuneration.

Employers benefit since a certification acts as a skills verification tool and improves the staff’s ability to quickly complete the job tasks.

Certification is not mandatory, technical ability, experience, and other soft skills do play a major role in our job interviews.

Nowadays most Software Companies are preferring certifications, so try to focus on Certifications.

3. Types of Software Testing Certifications?

Basically, we have two types of Software Testing Certifications,

i. Vendor Neutral Certifications/Manual Testing Certifications

a. ISTQB Certifications
b. CSTE Etc…

ii. Vendor Certifications/Test Tool Certifications

a. HP – UFT Certification, Quality Center certification
b. IBM – RFT Certification Etc…

Note: Selenium is an Open-source Software, no authorized certification, but some third-party organizations are conduction Selenium certification programs. No value guaranty for Selenium certification.

Vendor Neutral Certifications on Manual Testing (No vendor for Manual Testing)

Vendor Certifications on Test Tools / Automated Testing, Ex: HP UFT Certification.

4. ISTQB Certifications

ISTQB stands for “International Software Testing Qualifications Board, and it has chapters in Several countries, Ex: Indian Testing Board in India.

ISTQB has three levels of certifications,

i. Foundation level certification
ii. Advance level certification
iii. Expert level certification

5. Conclusion on Certifications

Try to get at least one Vendor Neutral certificate and one vendor Certificate then you will have a bright in the Software Testing field.

Note: No authorized ‘Certification Program’ for Selenium since it is an open-source tool, some training institutions are offering ‘Selenium Certification’ but no value guaranty for it.

Introduction to Software Testing Certifications

Introduction to ISTQB Certification

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