Business Process Testing

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Micro Focus UFT (formerly QTP) is a test tool for automated functional testing, it supports Desktop applications, web applications, and mobile software applications.

UFT Business Process Testing

Micro Focus Business Process Testing software is an automated and manual testing solution for test design, test creation, test maintenance, test execution, and test data management.

It aligns testing with business objectives and dramatically reduces test cycle times by leveraging business subject matter experts in the test design and quality optimization process. It gives you the confidence that your critical business processes are functioning correctly.

How Micro Focus Business Process Testing works:

Micro Focus Business Process Testing introduces the concept of reusable business components for test design. This construct drastically reduces your test maintenance and improves efficiency for test creation. It lets you create data-driven manual test libraries in a fraction of the time of traditional test design solutions.

Key features and benefits

• Allows non-technical subject matter experts to quickly build, data-drive, and document tests in one Web-based system

• Provides the framework to design and develop reusable test components and flows based on business process models

• Allows you to manually execute business process test scripts with HP Sprinter

• Reduces the effort required for test maintenance by deploying centralized business components for both manual and automated tests

• Allows you to start test automation earlier in the development lifecycle, still before an application is delivered to QA

• Provides the ability to convert manual tests to manual test components

• Generates test plan documentation automatically through an innovative auto-documentation feature

• Enables versioning and baselining of components, flows, and tests

• Provides the ability to map business requirements to tests, components, or flows for improved traceability

• Enables you to set pass/fail conditions via component criteria for logical requirements coverage

• Centralizes test maintenance so application changes are automatically propagated through automated test assets

• Allows you to centrally define a set of test environments and data configurations that can be used in both manual and automated business
process testing

• Provides the ability to set up input parameters and iteratively insert corresponding data into actual test steps during execution

• Provides a framework to build User Acceptance Tests (UAT) that meets the business requirements

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