String Handling in Python

String Handling in Python, What is a String?, declaration of strings in Python, concatenating strings, and string comparison in Python.

Python Strings

What is String?

The string is a sequence of characters written in single quotes or in double quotes or in three double quotes.

string1= ‘This is single quoted string’;
string2= “This is double quoted string”;
string3= “””This is triple quoted string”””;
print (string1);
print (string2);
print (string3);
String may have Alphabets, Numbers, and Special Characters

b= “100”;
c =”India123″;
d =”*&%$”;
e = “123*&%$”;
f =”India123*&%$”;
g=”Selenium With Java”

print (a);
print (b);
print (c);
print (d);
print (e);
print (f);
print (g);
How to use quotation marks in Strings?

string1 =’Hello Python Don’t’;
string2 =”Python” Strings”;
print (string1);
print (string2);

use Forward Slash (/) to avoid Syntax errors…

string1 =’Hello Python Don\’t’;
string2 =”Python\” Strings”;
print (string1);
print (string2);

Important Operations on Strings…

1. Finding String length

string1 =”Hello Python”;
print (len(string1));

2. Concatenating Strings

string1 =”Hello “;
print (string1 + string2);
string1 =”Hello “;
print (string1 + str(num));

3. Print a String multiple times

string1 =”Hello “;
print (string1 *10);

4. Check whether the String having all numeric characters?

string1 =”Hello”;
print (string1.isnumeric()); # False

string2 =”Hello123″;
print (string2.isnumeric()); # False

string3 =”12345″;
print (string3.isnumeric()); # True

5. Check whether the String having all alphabetic characters?

string1 =”Hello”;
print (string1.isalpha()); # True

string2 =”Hello123″;
print (string2.isalpha()); # False

string3 =”12345″;
print (string3.isalpha()); # False

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