How to start a career in Software Testing?

How to start a career in Software Testing?, first learn Manual Testing, Automated Testing using Selenium, Programming Basics, and SQL Basics.

Start a career in Software Testing.

Difference Between a Job and a Career?

A job is a work you perform to earn money and A career is a long-term professional journey you may determine based on your passions.

Software Testing Fresher?

Some Job Seekers may choose Software Testing for getting a job after their graduation or Post-graduation. What do they have to learn as a Software Testing fresher?

Some people want to shift their existing career to Software Testing, sometimes it is required to shift from one area to another for a better career, but shifting from one job role to another with more experience or gap is not recommendable.

What do you have to learn as a Software Testing Fresher?

First, check your academic qualification, if you are an engineering graduate (any branch) then it is good.

Mandatory Skills for Software Testing Job

Software Testing can be done in two ways, one is Manual Testing and another is Automated Testing.

Nowadays Manual Testing is not enough for getting Software Testing Job,  Automated Testing is required, Selenium is a popular test tool for automated testing.

1. Learn Manual Testing

In Manual Testing, Software Development Life Cycle, Software Test Levels, Software Test Types, Software Test Design Techniques, and Software Test Life Cycle, etc are the important topics.

2. Learn Automated Testing using Selenium

In Selenium, Programming for Selenium (Java or Python), Inspecting Elements, Locating Elements, Performing Actions on elements, Testing Framework (Ex: TestNG) for Selenium, and Automation Framework, etc, are the important topics.

3. Learn SQL Basics

SQL is used to conduct Database testing either manually or using an automation test tool. In SQL, Relational Database Fundamentals, SQL Data Types, Operators, Functions, subsets of SQL (DDL, DML, and DCL).

Focus more on writing queries and sub-queries using the SQL Select command.

Try to have a Certification:

Apart from the Software Testing skills try to get a foundation (beginner level) level certificate like ISTQB then you can add weightage to your profile.

Try to be aware of UNIX commands

Keep on Learning

After getting the job, gain experience, and try to learn other technologies in this Software Testing,

You need not learn all of the below subjects, try to learn one or two subjects based on your interest then you will have a bright future.

Performance Testing using JMeter,

Mobile Testing using Appium,

ETL Testing,

API/Web Services Testing using SoapUI or Postman,


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