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ISTQB Foundation Level Exam

The Foundation Level qualification is aimed at anyone involved in software testing. This includes people in roles such as testers, test analysts, test engineers, test consultants, test managers, user acceptance
testers, and software developers.

ISTQB Foundation Level Syllabus

Foundation Level Certification Guidelines:

• All public exams are online; you need to go to your scheduled exam center to take the online exam. The date can be selected as per your choice as we conduct an Exam at our center every day.

• There is no pre-requisite for the foundation-level exam. However, it is suggested that candidates for the Foundation Level certification have at least six months’ practical experience in a professional testing role.

• The Foundation Level exam consists of approximately 40 multiple choice questions of 1 point each. An exam amounts to 40 points total, of which 65% (26 points) must be attained in order to pass. The exam is a closed book exam. You have 75 minutes to finish.

• There is no negative marking for the wrong answers.

• Online exams results will be declared immediately. Paper-based exam results will be available within two weeks. Passing candidates will receive their certificate within eight weeks.

• The ISTQB Certified Tester-Foundation Level certificate is valid for life.

• If you have passed the Foundation Level exam you can use the ISTQB Certified Tester-Foundation Level logo on your resume. You can use “CTFL” for “Certified Tester Foundation Level”.

How to apply for ISTQB Exam?

For Indian Testing Board – ITB is offering Online exams from home via Talent Decrypt or OnVUE online proctors.

Register for Public Exams

ISTQB Foundation Level Mock Tests

1. ISTQB Foundation Level Mock Test 1
2. ISTQB Foundation Level Mock Test 2
3. ISTQB Foundation Level Mock Test 3
4. ISTQB Foundation Level Mock Test 4
5. ISTQB Foundation Level Mock Test 5
6. ISTQB Foundation Level Mock Test 6
7. ISTQB Foundation Level Mock Test 7
8. ISTQB Foundation Level Mock Test 8
9. ISTQB Foundation Level Mock Test 9
10. ISTQB Foundation Level Mock Test 10
11. ISTQB Foundation Level Mock Test 11
12. ISTQB Foundation Level Mock Test 12

ISTQB Testing Certification Sample Question Papers

1. ISTQB Certification Question Paper 1
2. ISTQB Certification Question Paper 2
3. ISTQB Certification Question Paper 3
4. ISTQB Certification Question Paper 4
5. ISTQB Certification Question Paper 5
6. ISTQB Certification Question Paper 6
7. ISTQB Certification Question Paper 7
8. ISTQB Foundation Question Paper 8
9. ISTQB Foundation Question Paper 9
10. ISTQB Foundation Question Paper 10

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