Mobile Testing Interview Questions

Mobile Testing Interview Questions, Types of Mobile Software Applications, Mobile Native Applications, Web Applications, and Mobile Hybrid Applications.

Mobile Testing Interview Questions

1. Is there any difference between Mobile Testing and Mobile Application Testing?

Yes, the difference is there, Mobile Testing means testing the Mobile device. Mobile Application Testing is testing the Mobile software application

2. What are the important functionalities in Mobile Applications?

• Add / Update / Delete / View Contacts

• Making Outgoing calls

• Charging with coupons

• Receiving incoming calls

• Holding Calls

• Conference Calls

• Balance inquiry

• Recharging

• Sending Single SMS and bulk SMS

• Receiving SMS

• View SMS

• Delete Single SMS and bulk SMS

• Communicating to Customer Care service

• Mobile Banking

• Mobile Settings (Names, Language and other preferences)

• Mobile Browsing

• FM Radio

• Songs downloading

• Videos Streaming

• TV News on Mobile Etc…

3. What is the difference between TDMA and FDMA?

TDMA is Time Division Multiple Access. In TDMA technology each user in the channel owns the channel bandwidth for some time in a round robin fashion, all GSM handsets use this technology.

FDMA is Frequency Division Multiple Access. In FDMA many users are allowed to transmit through the same channel at the same time. So each user at any particular time uses part of the bandwidth. CDMA handsets use this technology.

4. What are value-added Services in Mobile Application Testing?

Value-added services refer tpo extra services like toll free number, getting messages for new offers in recharging sim card, getting messages for downloading new ringtones, caller tunes etc.

5. How to test the MMS application?

MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Services
Pre-requisites before start testing an application MMS.
# ME should have a valid GPRS enabled SIM.
# Profile should be added manually or sometimes operator will send all the settings as message, saving these settings profile will be added. If you are adding profile manually MMS server details of an operator should be provided. These are:
Data(bearer): GPRS
IP: parameters are is compulsory.
Testing MMS can have several cases, some of them are mentioned below:
Sending, Receiving (text, image, audio, video)
Sending with specific to GPRS classes.
Checking received MMS(Audio,video clarity)

6. What could be the Possible Test Cases to test the Functionality and Performance of a Mobile Client Application?

There can be a lot of scenarios for mobile client applications. Lets discuss a few of them below
– All mobile features: Incoming call, outgoing call, Incoming SMS, outgoing SMS, phone directory, call history, redial facility, all called numbers, all received numbers, storage capacity of calls, SMSs, audio, video storage, display.
– Multimedia services: Radio, audio, video capabilities, MMS etc.
– Internet: Connectivity, browser display, downloads, uploads etc.
– Utility: Games, reminders, calendars, clock etc.
– Performance: Fill all the hard-disk with say video files. Check how much time it takes to open the files and is there any impact on the way the video is played. Is it slow etc.
These are only few of the many scenarios that can be derived for the mobile client.

7. How do we test battery backup time using load testing especially for mobile testing ?

Below are given a few scenarios to test the mobile battery backup:
1. Charge the mobile up to maximum capacity.
2. Call to a number and continuously use it until the battery fully drained out. Measure the time of life for one full cycle.
3. Charge the battery up to 20% of it’s capacity use it until the battery is fully drained out.
4. Charge the battery up to 40% of it’s capacity use it until the battery is fully drained out.
5. Similarly check for 60%,80% of battery charge capacities and measure the battery backup time.
6. Verify the battery life by continuously sending SMSs.
7. Verify the (GUI) power indicating lines or levels correctly displaying or not with respect to actually charged battery level.
8. test the phone in non signal coverage area and measure the battery stand by time. (In non signal coverage area cell continuously searches for signals due to this the power continuously dissipated as radio frequency signals and the battery drained very soon)

8. What is the advantage of Symbian OS devices comparing with j2me and Brew OS devices?

– Symbian is the latest OS whereas j2me and Brew OSs are old ones.
– Symbian OS has SIS file format whereas j2me has JAR file format which means this is third-party software and anybody can develop software in this OS.
– Symbian is a fast browsing and a fast operating system. j2me is not as fast.
– Symbian OS provides touchscreen phones such as UIQ phones. No such facility on j2me.
– Symbian OS has superior hardware access to the phone compared to j2me and Brew OS
– Symbian OS offers rich UI.

9. What are the modes of downloading content on mobile from server?

There are many techniques to download a content e.g. downloading, progressive downloading, streaming etc.

1. Downloading: Normal download and can be saved in the local machine, once saved user can play or do operation whatever he likes.

2. Progressing downloading: Whenever user selects a content it starts buffering and the same will be continued till the file ends playing. The content will be played once the buffer is finished. This could be even a min (e.g. if the buffer is completed for 1 sec the content will be played for one second) 3. Streaming: When user selects a content to download, buffering takes place and once the buffer is over content will be played. Until then player does not get initiated. And user can save, play again or whatever the operation he requires.

10. What is Streaming?

Streaming is the process of downloading content from the server. There are many techniques to download content e.g. downloading, progressive downloading, streaming etc.

11. Is there any automation tool for mobile application testing?

TestQuest is one of the best tools to automate mobile applications
Fitness tool can also be used to automate mobile applications.

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