Web or HTML Elements

Web or HTML Elements, web page, frame, link, button, radio button, checkbox, drop-down box, list box, combo box, image, para, and page headers.

Web/HTML Elements

Web Elements in Web Environment, Operations on Web Elements, Inspecting Web Elements, and Element Locators for Selenium.

Web Elements like edit Box, Link, Button, Radio Button, Check Box, Combo Box, Image, Frame, and Web Table.

Selenium Element Locators like id, name, className, linkText, partialLinkText, cssSelector, and xpath to recognize the elements during Automated Testing..

Note: Browser is not a web element, it is a tool for accessing web pages. A web page is a container for web elements,

Edit Box
Image, Image Link, Image Button
Text box
Text Area
Check box
Radio Button
Dropdown box
List box
Combo box
Web table /HTML table
Frame, etc,

Actions on Web/HTML Elements

1. Actions on Browser

• Launch the browser,
• Navigate to a particular web page,
• Close focused Browser
• Close all Browsers that were opened by WebDriver during execution
• Navigate from one URL to another
• Navigate back to the previous URL
• Navigate forward
• Refresh the Browser
• Maximize the Browser

2, Actions on Edit box

• Enter a Value,
• Clear the Value,
• Check enabled status,
• Check edit box existence,
• Get the value etc…

3. Actions on Link

• Click Link,
• Check the link existence,
• Check the link enabled status,
• Return the Link Name

4. Actions on Button

• Click
• Check Enabled status
• Display status

6) Operations Image

Three types of Image elements in Web Environment

a) General Image (No functionality)

b) Image Button (Submits)

c) Image Link (Redirects to another page/location)
7) Operations on Text Area

> Return / Capture Text Area or Error message from a web page
8) Operations on Check box

> Check if the check box is displayed or not?
> Check if the check box is enabled or not?
> Check if the check box is Selected or not?
> Select the Check box
> Unselect the Check box
9) Operations on Radio Button

> Select Radio Button
> Verify if the Radio Button is Displayed or not?
> Verify if the Radio Button is enabled or not?
> Verify if the Radio Button is Selected or not?
10) Operations on Drop down box

> Check the Drop down box existence
> Check if the Drop down is enabled or not?
> Select an item
> Items Count

13) Operations on Web table /HTML Table

> Get cell value
> Rows Count
> Cells Count Etc…

14) Operations on Frame
> Switch from Top window to a frame
> Switch from a frame to Top window

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