Selenium Vs. UFT/QTP

Selenium Vs UFT/QTP, Selenium is an Open source tool, UFT is a Commercial tool, Selenium supports web testing, and UFT supports Desktop & web testing.

Selenium Vs UFT

1. UFT is a Commercial Test Tool,  supports Functional Testing.1. Selenium is a suite of Tools, supports Functional Testing.
2. Unified Functional Testing is a Commercial Tool, Vendor is Micro Focus.2. Selenium is an Open source software released under Apache 2.0 License (Free to use)
3. UFT Supports Test Automation for Desktop, Web, and Mobile  Applications.3. Selenium Supports Test Automation for Web Applications only.
4. UFT supports VBScript for applying programming features to Tests.4. Selenium supports Java, C#,  Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and Kotlin programming languages to write Test cases.
5. Automation cost is expensive due to license cost.5. Since it is Open source software, Automation cost is inexpensive.
6. Since It is Vendor Tool, we can get reliable technical support from the vendor (HP).6. Since it is Open source software there is no reliable Technical support.
7. UFT is user-friendly, Tests can be developed quickly.7. Tests require more time to develop and maintain.
8. Tests can be easily executed on the latest version of the UFT Tool also.8. Tests need to be updated due to new API changes in the latest versions.
9. UFT integrates with ALM / Quality Center (Test Management Tool).9. There is no tool that integrates with Selenium.
10. New features will work properly and Knowledge sharing is easy.10. New Features may not work properly and Knowledge sharing is difficult.
11. UFT supports the Windows operating environment only.
It doesn’t support other operating environments like UNIX and Mac.
11. Selenium supports Windows, UNIX, and Mac operating environments.
12. Image-based tests are easy in UFT.12. Image-based Tests are possible but difficult.
13. UFT uses more hardware resources.13. Selenium uses fewer hardware resources.
14. UFT has an authorized Certification program. 14. There is no authorized Certification Program.

Selenium Vs UFT/QTP

Selenium is an Open source test tool for functional testing of web applications, it supports Java, Python, C#, Ruby, JavaScript, and Kotlin programming languages for writing test cases.

UFT (formerly QTP) is a commercial test tool that supports Desktop, web, and mobile applications, it supports VBScript for writing test scripts.

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