Insurance Projects Descriptions for Resumes

Insurance Projects Descriptions for Resumes, Insurance Software Project’s Testing, Insurance Policy Management System, and Insurance Claim Processing.

Insurance Projects Descriptions for Resumes

1) Project Tile: The Geographic Expansion

Client : 21st Century Insurance, USA

Domain : Insurance

Reference URL :

Description: The objective of 21st Century Geographical Expansion project is to roll out existing application to new states viz. California, Florida, Georgia and Pennsylvania. 21st Century wants to expand their business to these states and hence states specific changes will be done to Enterprise Billing, Review & New Business. With the aggressive goal of introducing 21st Century to new states on a regular basis, this strategy will be used as a baseline to allow us to quickly provide a high level of quality without duplication of effort, thus reducing or saving time.

2) Project Title: Footprint States

Client : AIG Direct

Description: 21st Century Insurance Group and AIG Auto Insurance joined forces to become The combined countrywide organization is a top 10 auto insurer with over 3.5 million vehicles insured and is a part of the American International Group, the leading international insurance organization. By combining the strength of two leaders in direct-to-consumer personal auto insurance, we can offer you much more as we expand every aspect of our business, from customer service, to claims handling to broadening our portfolio of value-driven insurance products.

3) Project Title: PREMIA 10 – (General Insurance Product)
Vendor : 3i-Infotech Ltd., (Formerly ICICI Infotech Ltd.,)

PREMIA 10 GI is end-to-end integrated application software for insurance companies. Developed on the latest oracle platform, it can be deployed in an Internet/Internet/Hosted environment. PREMIA 10 Provides the right kind of tools that allows an insurance company to proactively analyze risks, configure its product variations, handle dynamic business environment and offer it through multiple channels.

•Scalable and extensible.
•Browser-based deployment allows multiple-channel access to application.
•Premia includes Underwriting, claims, reinsurance and accounting processes through seamlessly integrated modules.
•Powerful and innovative product configurator that allows quick definition of new products.
•Rating engine that allows complex parameter-driven setups for computing premium.
•Ability to create instances of a product based on privilege and access right for a user group.

4) Project Title : PREMIA 9 – (General Insurance Product)

Vendor : 3i-Infotech Ltd., (Formerly ICICI Infotech Ltd.,)

Premia 9 GI is an insurance product, which has various modules. General insurance, individual life insurance, group medical insurance, group life insurance etc., Premia 9 caters to multiple classes of the business namely; General accident, Property, Causality, Fire, Engineering, Marine Cargo and Hull, Aviation, and Motor. Premia 9 gives speed of interaction, convenience of transaction processing and ease of information access. It is also possible to define and setup new classes of business and product. It offers seamless integration across all major heads of activity: underwriting, claims, re-insurances and accounts, backed by extensive reporting and analysis.

5) Project Title: ELMS- Insurance project.


Environment : VB.NET, SQL Server, JavaScript, HTML, XML

St Paul Travelers is dealing with Different kind of Insurance. Executive liability management system is one of them. This is some thing special kind of Insurance only for the Top level executives of the company not for normal Employees and individuals. This system is useful for Underwriter who sanctions the policy to the client. By using this system under writer can create different Quotes for different coverage.

6) Project Title: BBIS-Insurance project.

Client : BENNETTS. UK.

Bennetts is one of the UK’s leading Insurance Intermediaries operating in the motor insurance home insurance and bike insurance market. Bennetts Bike Insurance System (BBIS) is a unique platform focusing on bike insurance sector, which is fundamentally different from other insurance sectors. It has several modules. Bike sales Adviser is one of the key modules, using this Sales service personals can enter the customer details for the bike Insurance and a quote will be generated. Premium will be calculated based on the details provided. For accepted quotes, policy number will be generated. It has provisions for retrieving details of quotes by name and quote number.

7) Project Title : LIC Agent’s Personal Assistant

Client : Deetasys Software Pvt. Ltd (Product)

Organization : Deetasys Software Pvt. Ltd

This is a product aimed for Life Insurance Corporation of India’s Agents. An agent keeps track of what policies he/she made for tracking his/her performance and also for verifying what commission he/she getting from LIC. For each premium paid by the Policy Holder, an Agent will receive commission depending on certain conditions. For keeping track of commissions received and due, the agent should maintain all the details of policies. This is a cumbersome task for agents who are doing good business. To aid them in automating their tasks, this Product was developed. Also, powerful reporting was provided which helps the agents in getting clear picture of what the status of their business. Also some utilities are included such as intimating due dates for their customers, greeting them on their birth days, estimating loan amounts for their customers, etc. And for security purposes, encryption and decryption was employed.

8) Project Title : Commercial Account Management System (CAMS Q2 Release)

Client : Saint Paul Travelers, Hartford, USA

CAMS are a surety account management, processing system which is a business unit within ‘St. Paul Travelers’ Bond. It consists of specializing in bonding non-construction and non-financial service accounts. There are four different enhancements going into CAMS Q2 Release that are classified as projects. They are
1. Surety Print Delivery
2. Moody’s Risk Calc
3. Special Risk Bill Only
4. General Release.

9) Project Title : Industrial Loss Insurance

Client : MK Insurance, Japan

Industrial loss insurance This is an non life insurance type web based application which manages Industrialist details and captures Industry details ,depending on the type of Industry, the relevant polices that match will be listed automatically and will be allotted for every location ,It enables to specify multiple locations for the single industrialist. The policy manipulations module will perform all the necessary calculations and manipulations that will be automatically reflected in the policy module so that every user can view there policy details. It also captures multiple policies for the single location .The industrial policies module maintains all the necessary details of every industrialist such as different locations, different policies for every location etc

10) Project Title: Insurance Management System

Client : Kwik-Fit Insurance, UK

It is Web application. The goal of the project is to maintain all activities of Insurance System. Any customer without visiting to the office manually he can view the policy details as: Policy amounts, Policy Premium dates, Bonus details and etc. through web. The main purpose of the project is any customer can pay the premium amount in any branch and they can pay the amount through online. Administrator is the super user of the system. He is the responsible person to define policies, policy terms and policy amounts. He can able to view the reports like Policy details, Branch Manager Details, Agent details, Branch details, Customer details.

11) Project Title : Farmer’s – SALT

Client : Farmers Insurance, Los Angeles.

Domain : BFSI (Insurance)

Environment : Mainframe (IBM PCOMM) & Web Application (J2EE)

Description :
Farmers Insurance is an US based client, who is the major player in US General Insurance.We are involved in the System Application Logic Testing (SALT) for the entire Agent’s Application. Agile testing of the application involves testing the entire build for different releases from the customer perspective and often as code becomes available and stable enough from module/unit level testing.There are two lines of business: AUTO and HOME. For each release, there will be some enhancements in both LOB’s. The web application for both the LOB’s are being optimized into a product called “Express” and we are involved in testing the same.

12) Project Title : Farmers Fast Quote (FFQ)

Client : Farmers Insurance Group (

The Farmers Insurance Group of Companies is a personal lines property and casualty insurance group providing homeowners insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, and financial services in the United States.

The goal of this easy-to-use service is to make the comparison shopping process simpler for our customers. Answer a few questions on-line and within moments, you’ll have a free quote. After receiving a quote, you’ll have the ability to choose if you would like to be referred to a Farmers agent in your neighborhood or provided information on how to contact an agent directly.

We are comparing and validating the quote rates between two different applications which are having different rate engines. It also includes discounts rate validation like Coverage’s, Dwelling, Deductibles, and Personal Liability etc. Farmers will give more discounts if customer selected more coverage as well as if customer is going for combined policies or has some pre-existing insurances like life, auto with farmers.

13) Project Title : Personal Lines Account (PLA)

Client : Farmers Insurance Group (

Technology : J2EE and Mainframe

The Farmers Insurance Group of Companies is a personal lines property and casualty insurance group providing homeowners insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, and financial services in the United States. The Farmers Insurance Group of Companies is the country’s third-largest writer of both private passenger automobile and homeowners insurance.

The project is about Functional Regression Testing of the web application. There are twelve testing cycles (Major/Minor releases) which cover the entire testing activity in the accelerated environment. Testing for different billing plans is also a part of the cycle. The testing activity includes both testing web as well as Mainframes applications for different business scenarios and business transactions done as Agent, Underwriter, and Policy service specialist.

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