Difference between Software Testing and Manual Testing

What is the difference between Software Testing and Manual Testing, What is Software Testing?, Do Manual Testing, and Do Automated Testing.

What is Software Testing?
How to Conduct Software Testing?
What is Manual Testing?
What is Automated Testing?

Difference between Software Testing and Manual Testing

What is Software Testing?

Software Testing is the process of evaluating a system with the intent of finding bugs. It is performed to check if the system satisfies its specified requirements.


Software Testing is the process of evaluating a software system’s correctness and quality. The purpose is to check whether the software satisfies the specific requirements, needs, and expectations of the customer.

How to Conduct Software Testing?

Software Testing can be done using two methods or ways in various test levels.

Software Testers vary from one test level to another, example Developers perform Testing at the Unit Test level.

1. Manual Testing – Testing computer software manually without using any test tool.
2. Automated Testing – Testing computer software using any test tool.

Note: Manual Testing is a method or way for Software Testing, another method is Automated Testing.

Manual Testing Steps:
  • Understanding Requirements
  • Test Planning
  • Derive Test Scenarios
  • Document Test cases
  • Execute Test cases and find defects
  • Defect Reporting & Tracking
  • Re & Regression Testing (Change Related Testing)
  • Test Cycle closure

Note: Analyzing Requirements, Test Planning, Test Design, Test Environment Setup, Test Execution, and Test Cycle Closure are the important phases of the Software Test Process or Software Test Life Cycle.

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