Merging Agile and DevOps

Merging Agile and DevOps, Agile Development Methodology, DevOps Culture, Agile vs. DevOps, and Adoption of Agile methods in DevOps Process.

Merging Agile and DevOps

DevOps and Agile complement each other because they are similar philosophies but are applied at different levels of an enterprise. Together, they drive both inter-team collaboration and inter-departmental (Development and Operations) collaboration.

Agile refers to a group of software development methods based on iterative development, where the requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between teams and an emphasis is placed on delivering working products that provide value.

Scrum, the most popular Agile framework, uses short work sequences known as sprints and small, self-organizing teams. The focus of a sprint is on delivering working software products that generate value for the user/customer.

DevOps refers to groupings of people, practices, and tools that organizations use to package, test, deliver, and deploy solutions operationally to the field.

The overall focus of combining DevOps elements with Agile development practices is on increasing the pace of products through the release train. The tactic employed is to merge the business, software development, and support processes via a common infrastructure, so they can support each other. Ideally,

DevOps enables the software generated by the Agile teams to be integrated and released continuously to operations using common tools and compatible processes. Whereas Agile emphasizes continuous integration and test, DevOps focuses on continuous delivery and deployment.

You do not need to choose between DevOps or Agile—instead, you can make use of both methodologies. Agile is strong on methods to organize work, such as through Scrum or Kanban, and DevOps drives a broader culture of getting software delivered faster and more reliably.

DevOps and Agile Relationship:

Before Agile, Companies used to follow the traditional approach, i.e. Waterfall model for software development. To overcome the gaps introduced by the Waterfall model, companies have adapted Agile Methodology.

While DevOps addresses the communication gap between the development team and operation team, Agile addresses the communication gap between customer requirements and the development team.

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