Test Item Transmittal Report

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Test Item Transmittal Report


To identify the test items being transmitted for testing. It includes the person responsible for each item, its physical location, and its status. Any variations from the current item requirements and designs are noted in this report.


A test-item transmittal report shall have the following structure:

Transmittal-report identifier
Transmitted items

The sections shall be ordered in the specified sequence. Additional sections may be included just prior to Approvals. If some or all of the content of a section is in another document, then a reference to that material may be listed in place of the corresponding content. The referenced material must be attached to the test-item transmittal report or available to users of the transmittal report.

Details on the content of each section are contained in the following sections.

Cover Page

No cover page is required for this document.

Section Description

Transmittal-Report Identifier

Specify the unique identifier assigned to this test item transmittal report.

Transmitted Items

Identify the test items being transmitted, including their version/revision level. Supply references to the item documentation and the test plan relating to the transmitted items. Indicate the people responsible for the transmitted items.


Identify the location of the transmitted items. Identify the media that contain the items being transmitted. When appropriate, indicate how specific media are labeled or identified.

Describe the status of the test items being transmitted. Include deviations from the item documentation, from previous transmittals of these items, and from the test plan. List the incident reports which are expected to be resolved by the transmitted items. Indicate if there are pending modifications to item documentation that may affect the items listed in this transmittal report.


Specify the names and titles of all persons who must approve this transmittal. Provide space for the signatures and dates.

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