JIRA Tool Syllabus

JIRA Tool Syllabus, Introduction to Jira, Install Jira Software, Configure Jira Tool, Create a Project, Incident Management, Defect Management, and Project Management.

Jira is a proprietary issue tracking and project management tool developed by the Australian software company Atlassian.

Jira is widely used by agile development teams to track bugs, stories, epics, and other tasks.

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JIRA Tool Syllabus

Jira tool can be used in two angles, one is for Project management and another for Test management.

Basically, Jira doesn’t support Test case management, by adding the Zephyr plug-in, we can use Jira for Test case management apart from Defect management, etc,

JIRA for Test Management

1. Introduction of JIRA
  • What is Jira?
  • Uses of Jira
  • Jira Key Terms
  • Features of JIRA:
  • JIRA Scheme
  • JIRA Projects
  • JIRA Issues
2. Getting started with JIRA
  • How to install JIRA
  • Creating Projects
  • Adding Users in JIRA
  • Managing JIRA dashboard and Gadgets
  • Changing user preferences and profile information
  • Switching views and configuring Columns in JIRA
  • Atlassian Marketplace for JIRA
3. Test Management In JIRA (Using Zephyr Plug-in)
  • How to write Test Cases in JIRA
  • Cloning Test Cases in JIRA
  • Exporting Test Cases in JIRA
  • Sharing issues and search queries with Team Members
  • Creating Test Cycles in JIRA
  • Executing Test Cases in JIRA

Note: Zephyr for JIRA is a native application that resides in JIRA Software or JIRA Core and brings test management capabilities to any JIRA project. With the addition of Zephyr for JIRA, tests can be created and viewed in any JIRA project, linked to other issues, executed immediately or as part of a test cycle and detailed test metrics can be tracked via customized gadgets.

4. Defect Management In JIRA
  • Introduction to defect template in JIRA
  • Logging defects in JIRA
  • Defect lifecycle in JIRA
  • Searching defects and doing bulk changes
  • Creating favorite search filters for Defects
  • Attaching files and screenshots to defects
5. Advanced Search Using JQL
  • Advanced Search in JIRA and Introduction to JQL
  • Advanced Search using JQL(JIRA Query Language)
  • Subscriptions in JIRA

Note: JQL stands for Jira Query Language and is the most powerful and flexible way to search for your issues in Jira. JQL is for everyone: developers, testers, agile project managers, and business users.30-Dec-2020

6. Generating Reports In JIRA
  • How to Access Reports
  • Type of Reports

Introduction to Jira

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