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Python Full Course Videos, Download & Install Python, Python Language Fundamentals, Python Control Flow, Python Functions, and Python Object-Oriented Programming.

Python is a general-purpose, high-level, interpreted, interactive, object-oriented, and open-source programming language.

Python was created by Guido Van Rossum in 1989, but publicly released in 1991, It is further developed by the Python Software Foundation, and Python official website is (

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Python Full Course Videos

Python Class 25 – Python Object Oriented Programming Part-2

Python Class 24 – Python Object-Oriented Programming

Python Class 23 – Python Modules

Python Class 22 – Python Regular Expressions Part-2 and Python Modules

Python Class 21 – Python Regular Expressions

Python Class 20 – Python Exception Handling

Python Class 19 – File Handlin in Python Pat-2

Python Class 18 – File Handling in Python

Python Class 17 – Python Functions Part-3

Python Class 16 – Python Functions Part-2

Python Class 15 – Python Functions

1. What is Function?
2. Types of Functions in Python
3. Advantages of Functions
4. User-Defined Functions
5. Function with return a value
6. Function with returns nothing
7. Function with Arguments
8. Function with default arguments

Python Class 14 – Python Data Structures Part-3

Python Class 13 – Python Data Structures Part-2

Python Class 12 – Python Data Structures

Python programming language has four important collection data types:

1. Lists
2. Tuples
3. Sets
4. Dictionaries

Python Class 11 – String Handling in Python Part-2

Python Class 10 – String Handling in Python

String Handling in Python, What is a String?, declaration of strings in Python, concatenating strings, and string comparison in Python.

Python class 9 – Python Control Flow Statements Part 3

Python Class 8: Python Control Flow Statements Part-2

Python Class 7: Python Control Flow Statements

Three types of Control Flow Statements in Python:

1. Decision making/Conditional Statements

2. Loop Statements

3. Branching Statements

Python Class 6 – Python Operators

1. Arithmetic Operators
2. Comparison (Relational) Operators
3. Assignment Operators
4. Logical Operators
5. Identity Operators

Python Class 5 – Python Variables and Data Types

1. What is a Variable?
2. Variable naming rules
3. Creating Variables
4. Get the Type
5. Global and Local Variables
6. Python Built-in Data Types
7. Getting the Data Type
8. Setting the Data Type
9. Setting the Specific Data Type

Python Class 4 – Python Basic Syntax

1. Modes of Programming in Python
2. Python Identifiers
3. Python Keywords/Reserved Words
4. Lines and Indentation
5. Comments in Python
6. Quotation in Python

Python Class 3 – Python Syllabus

Python Installation/Environment Setup, Basic syntax, Variables & Data Types, Operators, Control Flow, Functions, IO, File Handling, Exception Handling, Modules, and Object-Oriented Programming.

Python Class 2 – Download and Install Python
  1. Launch Python Website (
  2. Download your operating system compatible ‘Python Software’
  3. Install the Software and set the Path while installation.
  4. Launch Python IDLE (Python Shell)
  5. Write a sample program and run.

Python Class 1 – Introduction to Python Programming

1. What is Python?
2. Key features of Python Language
3. Implementation of Python
4. Applications of Python
5. Python Environment Setup
6. Drawbacks of Python Language

Note: Python Class Notes is available in the Comment section (I posted this video class notes as comment) of every Video Page.

Python Step by Step Tutorial

1. Introduction to Python Programming Language

2. Download and Install Python

Python Environment Setup (Using PyCharm IDE)

3. Python Language Syntax

4. Python Keywords and Identifiers

5. Comments in Python

6. Python Variables

7. Python Data Types

8. Python Operators

9. Python Conditional Statements

10. Python Loops

11. Python Branching Statements

12. Python Numbers

13. String Handling in Python

14. Python Data Structures – Lists

15. Python Data Structures – Sets

16. Python Data Structures – Tuples

17. Python Data Structures – Dictionaries

18. Python User Defined Functions

19. Python Built-in Functions

20. Python Modules

21. Python User Input

22. File Handling in Python

23. Python Date and Time

24. Python Exception Handling

25. Python Regular Expressions

26. Python Object-Oriented Programming

27. Inheritance in Python

28. Polymorphism in Python

29. Abstraction and Encapsulation in Python

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