Software Testing Videos

Software Testing Videos, Manual Testing Videos, Selenium Videos, UFT Videos, JMeter Videos, VBScript Videos, Java Videos, Python Videos, and SQL Videos.

Selenium (Selenium, Java, TestNG, and Live Project) Online Training by G C Reddy

Software Testing Videos

1. Manual Testing Full Video

Software Development Life Cycle, SDLC Models, Test Levels, Test Types, Test Design Techniques, and Software Test Process (Test Planning, Test Design, Test Execution, and Test Cycle Closure).

2. SQL Full Video

Introduction to SQL, SQL Language Elements, Data Types, Operators, Functions, Data Definition Language, Data Manipulation Language, and Data Control Language.

3. Python Course Videos

Python Environment Setup, Data Types, Variables, Operators, Control Flow, Functions, IO, Exception Handling, and Object-Oriented Programming.

4. Java Full Video

Java Environment Setup, Java Syntax, Java Program Structure, Language Elements, and Object-Oriented Programming (Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction, and Encapsulation).

5. Selenium Complete Videos

Java for Selenium, Selenium WebDriver, TestNG for Selenium, Automation Framework, and Live Project.

6. Apache JMeter Videos

Introduction of Performance Testing & JMeter Tool, Install JMeter, JMeter Tool Elements, Create JMeter Tests, and Result Analysis.

7. UFT/QTP Videos

UFT Tool Installation, Creating UFT Tests, Inserting Check Points, Output Values, Object Repositories, Recovery Scenarios, VBScript for UFT, and UFT Automation Framework.

8. VBScript Videos

Introduction of VBScript, Data Types, Variables, Operators, Control Flow, Functions, File System Object, Dictionary Object, Excel Object Model, and Database Object Models.

9. Selenium Live Project

Introduction to Software Project, Software Project Information, Interfaces of a Web Application, Stakeholders of Software Project, Generate Sanity Test Cases of a Project, Generate Comprehensive Test Cases of a Project, Selenium Test Environment Setup, Maven Integration with Selenium, Write Selenium Test Cases, Executing Selenium Test Cases, Export Test Results, Selenium Live Project, and Project Automation.

10. Banking Project Theory Video

Internet Banking System integrates the various levels of interactions between the bank and its customers and provides the customers of the bank with the necessary interface to avail banking services on the Net.

11. Career Guidance Videos

Software Testing Interview Preparation, Job Roles, and Job Responsibilities.

Software Testing Syllabus (Manual Testing, Selenium, JMeter, Java, Python, VBScript, and SQL.)

1. Manual Testing Syllabus

2. Selenium Syllabus

3. JMeter Syllabus

4. Java Programming Syllabus

5. Python Programming Syllabus

6. VBScript Syllabus

7. SQL Syllabus

8. Jira Tool Syllabus

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