Manual and Automated Testing Syllabus

Manual and Automated Testing Syllabus, Manual Testing, Selenium, UFT/QTP, JMeter, Jira Tool, Java Programming, Python, and SQL Syllabus.

Software testing can be done in two ways, one is manual testing and another is automated testing.Software testing can be done in two ways, one is manual testing and another is automated testing.

We have different types of automated testing using various test tools, automated functional testing using Selenium or UFT or any other test tool, automated performance testing using JMeter or LoadRunner, automated API/Web services testing using Postman or SoapUI, and test management using ALM/QC or Jira tool.

Manual Testing and Automated Testing Syllabus

1. Manual Testing
2. Automated Functional Testing using Selenium
3. Automated Functional Testing using UFT/QTP
4. Automated Performance Testing using JMeter
5. Automated Performance Testing using LoadRunner
6. Automated Mobile Testing Using Appium
7. Automated API/Web Services Testing using SoapUI
8. Automated API/Web Services Testing using Postman
9. Katalon Studio Comprehensive Toolset
10. Jira tool for Test Management
11. Micro Focus ALM/QC for Test Management
12. Cucumber for Acceptance Testing

13. Java Programming for Selenium and Appium
14. Python Programming for Selenium and Appium
15. VBScript for UFT/QTP
16. SQL for Database Testing

1. Manual Testing Syllabus
  • Software Development Life Cycle (Requirements Gathering, Analysis and Planning, Software Design, Coding/Implementation, Testing, and Release and Maintenance Phase))
  • Software Test Levels (Unit Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing, and Acceptance Testing)
  • Software Test Types
  • Software Test Design Techniques
  • Software Test Life Cycle
  • Software Documents
  • Software Testing Standards
  • Software Testing certification/s

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2. ‘Selenium with Java’ Syllabus

Selenium is an open source tools suite for Automated functional testing of web applications at System Testing and Acceptance Testing levels.

Selenium supports various operating systems (MS Windows, Linux, and Macintosh), browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, MS Edge, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari), and programming languages (Java, Python, C#, Ruby, JavaScript, and Kotlin).

  • Java Programme for Selenium (Data Types, Variables, Operators, Control Flow, Strings, Arrays, IO, Methods, Exception Handling, and Object Oriented Programming.)
  • Selenium WebDriver (Web/HTML Elements, Inspecting Web Elements, Locating Elements, Selenium WebDriver API commands, Wait statements, and Page Object Model.)
  • TestNG Testing Framework (Create Test cases, Prioritise Test cases, Grouping Test Cases, Batch Testing, and Generating Test Results.)
  • Automation Framework
  • Live Project

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3. JMeter Syllabus
  • Introduction to Apache JMeter
  • Elements of JMeter Test Plan
  • Building a JMeter Test Plan
  • Recording Tests Using JMeter
  • Enhancements in Test Scripts
  • JMeter Result Analysis
  • Running Multiple Scripts with JMeter
  • Different Types of JMeter Test Plans
  • Jmeter Distributed (Remote) Testing
  • JMeter Functions, Variables and Regular Expressions
  • JMeter Best Practices

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4. Jira Tool Syllabus

Jira tool can be used in two angles, one is for Project management and another for Test management.

Basically, Jira doesn’t support Test case management, by adding the Zephyr plug-in, we can use Jira for Test case management apart from Defect management, etc,

  • Introduction of JIRA
  • Getting started with JIRA
  • Test Management In JIRA (Using Zephyr Plug-in)
  • Defect Management In JIRA
  • Advanced Search Using JQL
  • Generating Reports In JIRA

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5. Java Programming Syllabus
  • Java Keywords and Identifiers
  • Java Comments
  • Java Modifiers
  • Java Data Types.
  • Java Variables
  • Java Operators
  • Java Control Flow
  • Java Strings, Numbers, and Characters
  • Java Arrays and Java ArrayList
  • Java IO (Including File Handing)
  • Java Methods User-Defined and Predefined)
  • Exception Handling
  • Java Object-Oriented Programming

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6. Python Programming Syllabus
  • Python Keywords and Identifiers
  • Python Comments
  • Python Variables
  • Python Data Types
  • Python Operators
  • Python Control Flow
  • Python Numbers and Strings
  • Python Data Structures (Arrays, Lists, Tuples, Sets, and Dictionaries)
  • Python Functions
  • Python Modules
  • Python IO
  • Python Exceptions Handling
  • Python Regular Expressions
  • Python Methods
  • Python Object Oriented Programming.
  • Python Database Access
  • Python Multithreading
  • Python Networking Programming
  • Python CGI (Common Gateway Interface) Programming
  • Python GUI Programming

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7. VBScript Syllabus
  • Adding Comments in VBScript
  • VBScript Data Types and Variables
  • VBScript Operators
  • Control Flow (Decison Making/Conditional, Loop, and Barnching)
  • VBScript Functions (Built-in and User Defined)
  • VBScript File System Operations
  • VBScript Excel Application Operations
  • VBScript Database connectivity
  • VBScript Dictionary Object
  • VBScript Regular Expressions
  • VBScript Error Handling

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8. SQL Syllabus
  • Introduction to SQL
  • Introduction to Databases and RDMBS
  • Install a Database Engine
  • SQL Syntax
  • SQL Data Types
  • SQL Operators and Expressions
  • SQL Comments
  • SQL – Data Definition Language Commands and Operations.
  • SQL – Data Manipulation Language Commands and Operations
  • SQL – Data Control Language Commands
  • DCL Operations
  • SQL Functions
  • SQL Queries and Sub Queries
  • SQL Clauses
  • SQL Joins
  • SQL Views
  • SQL Indexes
  • SQL Transactions
  • SQL Injection
  • SQL vs. NoSQL

Note: This SQL Syllabus is for Database Developers, Database Administrators, and Database Testers.

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Cucumber Syllabus

Cucumber supports BDD (Behaviour Drive Development) Framework and this tool is for performing Acceptance Testing.

Prerequisite to learn Cucumber: Basics of Selenium Web Driver & Java

  • BDD-Introduction
  • Cucumber Basics
  • Gherkin-Introduction
  • Cucumber-Set up in Eclipse
  • Cucumber-Junit Introduction
  • Cucumber Implementation
  • Data driven testing with Cucumber
  • Cucumber Reports
  • Continuous Integration and Version control system

Software Testing Tutorials (Manual Testing, Selenium, UFT/QTP, JMeter, Java, Python, VBScript, and SQL)

1. Manual Testing Tutorial (Document/Text)

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2. Selenium Tutorial (Document/Text)

Selenium Training Videos and Class Notes PDF

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3. UFT/QTP Tutorial (Document/Text)

UFT/QTP Tutorial (Video)

4. Apache JMeter Tutorial (Document/Text)

Apache JMeter Tutorial (Video)

5. SQL Tutorial (Document/Text)

SQL Step by Step Tutorial – Full Course for Beginners (Video)

6. Java Tutorial (Document/Text)

Java Tutorial (Video)

7. Python Tutorial (Document/Text)

Python Tutorial (Video)

Python Training Videos

8. VBScript Tutorial (Document/Text)

VBScript Tutorial (Videos)

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