Robotic Process Automation vs Test Automation

Robotic Process Automation vs Test Automation, what RPA?, what is Test Automation, advantages of RPA, and advantages of Test Automation.

Robotic Process Automation vs Test Automation

Conceptually, the Two Processes are similar as they both involve “Automation,” and offer same advantages of reducing manual intervention and delivering quality. However, these two are different…

Robotic Process Automation

RPA – Robotic Process Automation, Automating Business Processes like Data Entry, Queries, Calculations, and Transactions in various organizations like, Banks, Insurance, Healthcare, ERP etc… using Software Tools like Blueprism, Automation AnyWhere, UiPath etc…

Test Automation or Automated Testing

Test Automation or Automated Testing, Automating Software Testing Processes like Functional Testing, Performance Testing, Web Services Testing Etc…using Software Test Tools like Selenium, UFT/QTP, LoadRunner, SoapUI Etc…

1) Conducting Robotic Process Automation…

Robotic Process Automation, Automating Business Processes like,
> Data Entry,
> Queries,
> Calculations
and Transactions Etc…

Using Software Robots, We develop Software Robots using Robotic Process Automation Tools like Blue Prism, Automation AnyWhere, Uipath etc…

No programming knowledge is required for RPA, RPA is wizard driven….

Robotic Process Automation is well suited for processes that are clearly defined, repeatable and rules based.

RPA will automate low value clerical activities performed by humans. Most importantly RPA is only for clerical process automation and not for all human activities.

RPA is software-based, it can be used to perform various tasks. These include maintenance of records, queries, calculations, and transactions. Additionally, any application commonly used by your company can be operated by RPA.

For example, Citrix, .NET, HTML, and Java are all technologies commonly supported by RPA.

Compatible Systems include Mainframe Terminals, SAP, Oracle, Blackline, and many more.

2) Conducting Automated Testing or Test Automation

Conducting Software Testing using any Test Tool is called Test Automation or Automated Testing, Test Tool also a Software ex: Selenium, UFT/QTP, RFT etc…

Programming / Coding knowledge is required for Test Automation…

Test Automation or Automated Testing is applied only to the Product/Software Product and its features. It Checks weather the product is working or not as per its Requirements.

Example: Internet Banking Application is there, we conduct Functional, Performance, Web Services Etc…Test Types on that Application,

Suppose take Functional Testing, In Functional Testing we check,

> Login
> Balance Inquiry
> Add Payee
> Fund Transfer
> Bank Statement Generation etc…Functionalities

3) RPA Life Cycle vs Test Automation Life Cycle

RPA Life Cycle Phases:

1) Analysis

2) Software Bot Development

3) Testing

4) Employment & Maintenance

Phases of Automated Testing Life Cycle:

1) Planning
2) Generate & Enhance Test Scrips
3) Running & Debugging Test Scripts
4) Analyze Test Results & Report Defects

4) Tools for RPA and Test Automation

Popular RPA Tools:

1) Blueprism
2) Automation AnyWhere
3) UiPath
6) Workfusion Etc…

Popular Test Automation Tools:

1) Selenium
3) IBM – RFT
4) HP – LoadRunner
5) Appium
6) SoapUI
7) HP – ALM/QC
8) Jira
9) Bugzilla Etc…
RPA Tools

5) Job Market

Robotic Process Automation Job Market is less when its compare to Test Automation, but Market Competition is very high for Test Automation…


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