UFT Step by Step Tutorials

UFT Step by Step Tutorials, UFT Tool Fundamentals, VBScript for UFT, UFT Test Design, UFT Test Execution, and UFT Automation Framework.

Micro Focus Unified Functional Testing (UFT), formerly known as QuickTest Professional (QTP), is software that provides functional and regression test automation for desktop, web and mobile software applications.

UFT Step by Step Tutorials

UFT Class 1 Video

(Introduction to HP UFT (Formerly QTP), UFT Version History, UFT Product Information, UFT/QTP Supported Environment – Operating System Environment, Application and Programming Platform.    UFT Add in Manager, UFT License, UFT Integrated Development Environment, Limitations of UFT and Real Time Challenges of UFT Tool)

UFT Class 2 Video

(UFT Test Process or UFT Test Life Cycle, Test Planning Phase – UFT Environment Setup & UFT Configuration, Generating Basic Tests- Recording, Keyword Driven Methodology & Descriptive programming, Enhancing Test Cases – Inserting Verification Points, Adding Comments, Synchronization,Parameterization, Data Driven testing and Exception Handling. )

UFT Class 3 Video

(UFT (Formerly QTP) Test Process Part-2, Enhancing UFT Tests by Inserting verification Points, Error Handling and Adding Comments. UFT IDE (Integrated Development Environment), UFT Add-in Manager, UFT Test Editor, UFT Tool Menus and UFT Active Screen. Configure Active Screen, Advantages of Active Screen and Drawbacks.)

UFT Class 4 Video

(UFT Tool Window Architecture Part-2, Data Table, Errors Pane and UFT Tool Menus. UFT Tool menus like File Menu, Edit Menu, View Menu Search Menu, Design Menu, Record Menu, Resources Menu, ALM Menu and Help Menu. Record & Run Tests in UFT, Recording Modes, Normal Recording, Analog Recording and Low Level Recording. )

UFT Class 5 Video

(UFT Test Recording Modes,Normal Recording, Analog Recording, Low Level Recording and Insight Recording. Types Objects in UFT, Test Objects, Run Time Objects, Utility Objects and Automation Objects. Object Repository in UFT, Local Object Repository, Shared Object Repository, Advantages of Object Repositories in UFT. )

UFT Class 6 Video

(Object Repository in UFT/QTP, Local Repository, Shared Object Repository and Operations on Object Repository. Add Objects to Object Repository, Edit Objects, Delete Objects, Export Local Objects, Merge Object Repositories and Associate Object Repositories to UFT Tests. Create Tests by associating Shared Objects. )

UFT Class 7 Video

(UFT Object Repository Part-2, Export Test Object to XML File, Import Test Objects from XML File, Define New Test Objects and Load Test objects directly at Run-time. Creating UFT Test Scripts manually using Shared Object Repositories, Create Shared Object Repositories and by Associating the Object Repositories create Tests.)

UFT Class 8 Video

(Advantages of Recording Tests, Disadvantages of Recording Tests in UFT and Types of Statements in UFT Test Scripts. UFT Test Steps, Test Object Statements, Utility Object Statements, Variable Declarations, Automation Object Statements, Conditional Statements, Loop Statements, Comments and Error Handling Statements. )

UFT Class 9 Video

(Unified Functional Testing (formerly QuickTest Professional) Fundamentals and Features, Automated Test Design using UFT with VBScript, Object Repository based Test Design and Descriptive programming. UFT Static & Dynamic Descriptive Programming, Writing Test Steps using Programmatic Descriptions and Inserting Steps using VBScript.)

UFT Class 10 Video

(Automated Test Scripts writing using UFT/QTP and VBScript, Object Repository based Test Design and Descriptive Programming. Descriptive Programming in UFT, Static Descriptive programming, Dynamic Descriptive Programming, Writing UFT Test Steps using Programmatic Descriptions and Centralized maintenance of Objects. )

UFT Class 11 Video

(Automated Functional Testing using UFT/QTP, UFT Test Scripts Writing, Descriptive Programming in UFT, Static & Dynamic Descriptive Programming, Writing UFT Test Steps using Programmatic Descriptions, centralized maintenance of Objects info, Inserting Transaction Points in UFT Test Scripts for measuring Transaction Time. )

UFT Class 12 Video

(Automated Functional Testing using UFT, Enhancing Test Scripts, Measuring Test Transaction Time by inserting Transaction Points and measuring Test Transaction Time using VBscript “Timer” Function. Defining Test Results in UFT, Defining Test Results using “Reporter” utility object and various status of UFT Test Results.)

UFT Class 13 Video

(Enhancing UFT Test Scripts, Parameterizing UFT Test Scripts for conducting Data Driven Testing, What is Parameterization, Purpose of Parameterization and Relation between Parameterization and Data Driven Testing. Parameterization of Test Scripts using Variable, Constants, Data Table Parameters and Function Arguments.)

UFT Class 14 Video

(Writing UFT (formerly QTP) Test Scripts, Enhancing UFT Test Scripts, Parameterization using UFT Data Table and UFT Data Driven Testing. Conducting Data Driven Testing by reading the Data from Data Table, Reading data from Data Table and writing / exporting data (Test Results & Error Messages) to external excel file using Data Table.)

UFT Class 15 Video

(Introduction to Actions in UFT, What is Action?, Create a New Action, Rename Action, Delete Action and Edit Actions in UFT. Call an Exiting Action, Copy to Actions, Split Action, Associate Shared Object Repositories to Actions, Create UFT Tests using reusable Actions and UFT Actions versus VBScript Functions. )

UFT Class 16 Video

(Introduction to Environment Variables in Unified Functional Testing (formerly QuickTest Professionals), What are Environment Variables, Purpose of Environment Variables in UFT, Types of Environment Variables, Built-in Environment Variables and User defined Environment Variables. Create Environment Variables and use.)

UFT Class 17 Video

(Synchronization in UFT, What is Synchronization, Why Synchronization between UFT and AUT, Inserting Synchronization points in UFT Test Scripts, Synchronization using “wait” Statement, Inserting UFT Synchronization point and increasing UFT Tool default Time. Inserting Checkpoints in UFT and enhance UFT Test Scripts.)

UFT Class 18 Video

(Inserting Checkpoints in UFT, What is Checkpoint?, Types of Checkpoints in UFT, inserting a checkpoint in to UFT Test script, Edit Checkpoint and Delete Checkpoint. Various checkpoints in UFT, Standard Checkpoint, Text Checkpoint, Text Area Checkpoint, Database Checkpoint, Accessibility Check Point and others.)

UFT Class 19 Video

(Inserting Checkpoints in UFT Part-2, Inserting File Content Checkpoint, Inserting Page Checkpoint, Inserting Image Checkpoint and Inserting Table Checkpoint. Inserting Output Values in UFT, Inserting Standard Output Value, Inserting Text Output value, Text Area Output Value, Inserting XML Output Value and File Content.)

UFT Class 20 Video

(Introduction to Visual Basic Scripting Edition, VBScript for UFT, VScript Information, Scripting Languages versus Programming Languages, usage of VBScript, VBScript for Server side Scripting in the Web, VBScript for Client-side Scripting in the Web, VBScript for Network Administration and VBScript for Test Automation.)

UFT Class 21 Video

(Visual Baisic Scripting Edition for Automated Testing using UFT/QTP, VBScript Coding Conventions, VBScript Built-in Functions, VBScript User Defined Functions, VBScript File System Operations, VBScript Excel Application Operations, VBScript Word Application Operations, VBScript Database Operations and Error Handling.)

UFT Class 22 Video

(VBScript for Automated Testing using UFT/QTP, Writing Comments in VBScript, Comments Syntax in VBScript, Purpose of Comments in Computer Programming and Writing Comments in UFT Test Scripts. Data Types in VBScript, handle String Type Data, handle Integer Type Data, Double Type Data, Date Type Data and Data Conversion.)

UFT Class 23 Video

(VBScript for UFT/QTP, Declaration of VBScript Variables, Assigning Values to variables, Implicit & Explicit Declaration of Variables, VBScript Scalar Variables, VBScript Array Variables and VBScript Variable naming Restrictions. Operators in VBScript, Arithmetic Operators Comparison Operators and Logical Operators. )

UFT Class 24 Video

(VBScript Operators Part-2, Conditional Statements part-1)

UFT Class 25 Video

(VBScript Conditional statements Part-2, VBScript Loop Statements)

UFT Class 26 Video

(VBScript Loop statements Part-2, VBScript Functions Part-1)

UFT Class 27 Video

(VBScript Built in Functions)

UFT Class 28 Video

(VBScript Built in Functions part-2, Many to many comparisons using nested for loop)

UFT Class 29 Video

(VBScript File System Object Model)

UFT Class 30 Video

(VBScript File System Operations Part-2, Excel Operations Part-1)

UFT Class 31 Video

(VBScript Excel Application Operations Part-2)

UFT Class 32 Video

(Batch Testing, Debugging Tests Part-1)

UFT Class 33 Video

(Debugging Tests, Database Objects, VBScript Examples)

UFT Class 34 Video

(Object Identification Configuration)

UFT Class 35 Video

(Object Identification Configuration Part-2, UFT Tool Settings configuration, Dictionary Object)

UFT Class 36 Video

(Error Handling in UFT Part-1)

UFT Class 37 Video

(Recovery Scenarios Part-2, Regular Expressions)

UFT Class 38 Video

(Test Planning in UFT)

UFT Class 39 Video

(Automation Framework Implementation Part-1)

UFT Class 40 Video

(Keyword driven Framework Implementation)

VBScript Tutorial 1 Video

(Scripting Languages Vs. Programming Languages, VBScript Fundamentals & Features.)

VBScript Tutorial 2 Video

(Comments in VBScript, VBScript Data Types and VBScript Variables Part-1)

VBScript Tutorial 3 Video

(VBScript Variables Part-2, Constants, Operators in VBScript Conditional Statements Part-1)

VBScript Tutorial 4 Video

(VBScript Conditional and Loop Statements.)

VBScript Tutorial 5 Video

(VBScript User defined Functions and VBScript Built in Functions Part-1)

VBScript Tutorial 6 Video

(VBScript Built in Functions Part-2 and File System Operations Part-1)

VBScript Tutorial 7 Video

(VBScript File System Operations Part-2)

VBScript Tutorial 8 Video

(VBScript Excel Application Operations)

VBScript Tutorial 9 Video

(VBScript Excel file operations Part-2, VBScript Database Objects and Dictionary Object.)

VBScript Tutorial 10 Video

(Error Handling in VBScript, Debugging Scripts)

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