Cucumber Tool Syllabus

Cucumber Tool Syllabus, It is a testing tool that supports Behaviour Driven Development (BDD). It offers a way to write tests that anybody can understand.

Cucumber can be used with Selenium (or Appium), Selenium is preferred by technical teams (SDETs/programmers). It is typically preferred by non-technical teams (business stakeholders and testers). Selenium is used for automated UI testing.

What you have to learn using Cucumber?
  • Test Driven Development and Behavior Driven Development.
  • How to set up and install Cucumber with Eclipse.
  • How to create a Cucumber Selenium Java Test, the Cumber Feature File, Gherkin and Cucumber Options.
  • How to perform Data Driven Testing in Cucumber.
  • Is this Cucumber testing course right for you?

Note: The target audience for this course is Software Testers, and beginners who want to make a career in the BDD test field.

  • Basic knowledge of concepts and techniques used in Software testing
  • Basic knowledge of Automation Testing

Cucumber Tool Syllabus

1 – Cucumber Introduction
  • Test Driven Development (TDD)
  • Cucumber & Behavior Driven Development
  • Gherkin – Business Driven Development
2 – Set Up Cucumber with Selenium in Eclipse
  • Download and Install Java
  • Download and Start Eclipse
  • Install Cucumber Eclipse Plugin
  • Download Cucumber for Eclipse
  • Download Webdriver Java client
  • Configure Eclipse with Cucumber
3 – Cucumber Basics
  • Cucumber Selenium Java Test
  • Feature File
  • JUnit/TestNG Test Runner Class
  • Gherkin Keywords
  • Step Definition
  • Cucumber Options
4 – Data Driven Testing
  • Parameterization in Cucumber
  • Data Driven Testing Using Examples Keyword
  • Data Tables in Cucumber
  • Maps in Data Tables

Introduction to Cucumber:

  • Cucumber is an open source tool to support Behavior Driven Development with plain text specifications, It is not an Automated Test Tool and It can Test Functional behavior of web applications by integrating Selenium or Watir etc, tools.
  • Behavior Driven Development (BDD) framework is extended version of TDD (Test Driven Development) that supports behavioral part of software code.
  • Cucumber was written in Ruby. Cucumber supports other languages like Java, Net, Javascript and other platforms.
  • Cucumber reads executable specifications written in plain text and validates that the software does what those specifications say.

Gherkin Language:

Gherkin is a business readable language which helps you to describe business behavior without going into details of implementation. It is a domain specific language for defining tests in Cucumber format for specifications.

Introduction to Cucumber (Video)

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