Challenges in Software Testing

Challenges in Software Testing, Software Testers may face different challenges in real-time, these challenges may vary from one project to another.

Challenges in Software Testing

We software testers may face different challenges in real-time those challenges vary for one company to another and one project to another,

1. Unstable Test Environment

Usually, QA teams face unstable environment setup issues that we need to prepare for most of what we have. Sometimes the server gets stuck due to overload and requires a restart many times during testing etc.

Escalate these issues to the seniors and make sure you get the environment ready for the testing.

2. Tight Deadlines

The biggest challenge QA is to receive requests for last-minute testing. The primary reasons for such demands are that the development process takes more time than expected and the time for testing is underestimated.

Generally, testing and debugging take 50% of the development time. When QA has a short time frame for verification, they should check software against the main business specifications.

3. Wrong Testing Estimation

While trying to make an accurate estimate, some software estimations could be entirely unpredictable and go wrong. As developers, QA also doesn’t have 100% security from unexpected issues.

4. Last-Minute Changes to Requirements

It is slightly common to change project requirements mid-sprint in agile development projects. While this can be frustrating for the team and due to that testers can be affected.

5. You may Test the wrong things

There are an endless number of areas that can be tested. Your test team needs to understand what’s important to test.

A common issue is that priorities change based on what’s been uncovered in the recent builds, and on what changes development has made. Because the target changes, you have to continuously adjust what you’re testing.

6. Lack of Communication

Lack of Communication between Testing and Development teams.

7. Testing the Complete Application

There are millions of test combinations in every software application.

It is not possible to test each and every combination in both Manual as well as Automation Testing. If you try all these combinations you will never ship the product.

8. Lack of Skilled Testers

This could be called as a “wrong management decision” while selecting or training testers for their project task in hand.

These unskilled fellows may add more chaos than simplifying the testing work. This results in incomplete, insufficient and ad-hoc testing throughout the Testing Life Cycle.

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