Is Manual Testing Dead?

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Is Manual Testing Dead?

Manual Testing will never die, automated testing won’t replace manual testing in all aspects.

Several reasons why Automated Testing is not Replacing Manual Testing:

1. Usability testing can’t be automated, manual testing is only possible for usability testing.

Usability testing is a test type (non-functional), conducting automated usability testing is impractical, it requires a human.

Human users (Manual testers) only can judge the look and feel aspects of the System (Application Under Test), Test tools are software, software can’t think.

2. Environment and Technical Limitations.

Test tools may have environment limitations, for example Selenium doesn’t support desk application testing and UFT doesn’t support Linux operating environment,  if it is manual testing no environment limitations.

We can’t automate touch screen operations, ,card swiping operations, and captcha fields etc, but manually we can test these functionalities.

3. Only Manual Testing is possible for informal testing.

Due lack of documentation or having less time, etc, companies prefer Informal testing using Exploratory testing and Error guessing.

Only Manual testing possible for informal testing.

4. Manual testing is good for small projects

5. Automated tests can contain bugs/errors.

6. Automated testing only tests what is predictable.

7. 100% automation testing is not possible, so manual testing is required.

8. Game software testing is hard to automate.

9. Almost all kind of complex Testing start with Manual Testing.

10. Manual Testing is normally the first thing you do to gain information you need from the system/application developed.

11. Device Permissions

These are usually tested manually when QA teams figure that the permissions are not going to be used much.

12. User Experience Testing

Automation testing does not prove to be helpful in testing user experience as well as user interfaces. In such a situation, manual testing is the right option.

Note: Even though Manual testing is having important for software testing, it si not enough for current job market. So you learn also Automation testing for a better career.


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