Is Manual Testing knowledge required to learn Selenium?

Is Manual Testing knowledge required to learn Selenium?, Software Test Levels, Software Test Types, Test Design Techniques, and Software Test Life Cycle.

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Is Manual Testing knowledge required to learn Selenium?

Software Testing can be done in two ways, one is Manual Testing, another is Automation Testing, if have Manual Testing knowledge then it is easy to learn Automation Testing. We have Software Testing Terminology and processes in Manual Testing.

Nowadays, IT companies are maintaining separate Manual Testing and Automation Testing teams, but as an automation tester if you know the Manual Testing concepts then it is easy in surviving in the Software Testing job.

Be familiar with Test Environment, Test Planning, Writing Test Cases, Reporting Defects, and conducting Regression Testing.

1. Software Development Life Cycle and SDLC Models

2. Software Test Levels

i. Unit Testing

ii. Integration Testing

iii. System Testing

iv. Acceptance Testing

3. Software Test Types

i. Functional Testing

ii. Non Functional Testing

  1. Performance Testing (Load, Stress, Spike. Endurance, and Volume Testing)
  2. Usability Testing
  3. Security Testing
  4. Compatibility Testing

iii. Structural Testing
iv. Change Related Testing (Re-Testing & Regression Testing)

Database Testing
i. Structural Database Testing
ii. Functional Database Testing
iii. Non-functional Database Testing
ETL Testing

4. Software Test Design Techniques

i. While box Test Design Techniques
ii. Black box Test Design Techniques
iii. Experience based Techniques

5. Software Test Life Cycle/STLC

i. Analyzing Requirements
ii. Test Planning
iii. Test Design & development
iv. Test Environment
v. Test Execution
vi. Test Closure.

Software Test Documents

  1. Test Policy
  2. Test Strategy
  3. Requirements Traceability Matrix
  4. Test Scenario
  5. Test Case
  6. Defect Report
  7. Test Metrics Report
  8. Test Summary Report

Test Execution Levels

  1. Smoke Testing
  2. Sanity Testing
  3. Comprehensive Testing / End to End Testing
  4. Regression Testing

Manual Testing – Full Course Tutorials

1. Manual Testing Video Tutorial

2. Manual Testing Material PDF Download

3. Manual Testing Real Time Interview Questions

4. Quiz on Manual Testing Fundamentals
1.0 Software Development Life Cycle

2.1 SDLC Models – Waterfall Model

2.2 SDLC Models – V Model

2.3 SDLC Models – Spiral Model

2.4 SDLC Models – Agile Model

3.0 Software Test Levels

4.0 Software Test Types

5.0 Software Test Design Techniques

6.0 Software Test Life Cycle

7.0 Software Test Documents

7.1 Test Plan Documentation

7.2 Test Case Documentation

7.3 Defect Report

7.4 Test Metrics

7.5 Test Summary Report

8.0 Software Testing Quality Standards
1. A Sample BRS Document

2. A Sample SRS Document

3. A Sample Test Strategy Document
1. Advantages and Disadvantages of Manual Testing

2. Manual Testing vs Automation Testing

3. Software Testing Live Project

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