Reference Letter Sample for Software Tester

Reference Letter Sample for Software Tester, What is a Reference Letter?, Resume Preparation Guidance, Writing Cover Letter, and collecting for a Job reference.

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Reference Letter Sample for Software Tester

What Is a Reference Letter?

A reference letter is a positive endorsement of a person’s skills and attributes, written by someone familiar with their work, character, and accomplishments.

Reference letters are needed when applying for jobs, internships, volunteer positions, colleges, and graduate school programs.

Types of Reference Letters

1. Professional References
2. Character/Personal References
3. Academic References

How To Write a Reference Letter?

Here are some general guidelines to consider before writing your letter:

1. Salutation

Begin your letter with “Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name.”

If you do not know the employer’s last name, simply write, “Dear Hiring Manager.”

2. First Paragraph

The first paragraph of the reference letter explains your connection to the person you are recommending, including how you know them, how long you’ve known them, and why you are qualified to write a reference letter on their behalf.

3. Second Paragraph (and Third, and Fourth)

The middle paragraphs of the reference letter contain information on the person you are writing about, including why they are qualified, and what they can contribute. If necessary, use more than one paragraph to provide details.

Note: Try to describe qualities and skills that relate to the specific job.

4. Letter Closing

In the closing paragraph, offer to provide more information and include your contact information (phone and email), so you are available to give a verbal recommendation or answer further questions if necessary.

Employment Reference Letter Sample for Software Tester

To whomsoever it may concern

This is to certify that Ethan Smith was working with xxxx Technologies Inc. in Hyderabad, India as a Full-Time employee since Mar 22, xxxx to Dec 16, xxxx as a Software Tester.

His Roles and responsibilities are as follows:

  • Meeting with system users to understand the scope of projects
  • Working with software developers and project support teams
  • Identifying and analyzing business requirements
  • Project planning
  • Monitoring applications and software systems
  • Functional & regression, usability testing, performance testing.
  • Writing manual and automation test cases.
  • Running manual and automated tests
  • Testing in different environments including web and mobile.
  • Writing bug reports
  • Resource planning
  • Reviewing documentation
  • Working towards departmental and project deadlines
  • quality assurance
  • Providing objective feedback to software development project teams
  • Problem solving
  • Designing tests to mitigate risk
  • Presenting findings to software development and business user teams
  • Liaising with project teams in other parts of the world
  • Communicating findings to technical and non-technical colleagues.

Sincerely yours,

Mr Venak Saerla.

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