Telecom Projects For Resumes

Telecom Projects For Resumes, Software Testing Projects, Project Description, Tester Job Responsibilities, and Tester Resume Preparation Tips.

Telecom Projects For Resumes

1. Project Title : WEBS-VMC (Web-Commerce-Business-Support-Vision-Manage-Control)

Client : Sprint Nextel USA

Description :

Webs-VMC is designed by IBM to enable service providers in the telecommunications industry to bring new, revenue-generating services to market faster, easier and at a lower cost. The Service is open, scalable and flexible reference architecture. Customers can log on, pay bills, shop for plans and phones, manage their accounts and download media like ringers, games and applications. Customers can log on either with their phones (wireless) or from a computer(wired).

Roles & Responsibilities:

•Execute SQL queries for getting data from the database to do testing .

•Gather new requirements and design documents .Also analyze and understand the requirements.

•Performing Code maintenance and deployments.

•Handling Production Issues on IBM websphere , iplanet , weblogic consoles and on unix servers.

•Work on creating scripts(shell) to run them day to day activities.

•Code Development/Enhancement and Support for different SPDE applications like Consumer Portal(CP), COS(Common Object Server), DME(Digital Media Lounge),BDS(Biller Direct Services),Wireless Home Deck, Media Mall, EBA(Electronic Billing Analysis) & EBT(Electronic Billing Transfer).

2. Project Name : SPDE (Service Provider Delivery Environment)

Client : Sprint Nextel USA

Description :

Sprint is a telecommunications company which is the third largest wireless telecommunications network in United States. Sprint has its own website i.e. “ “ which acts as a store front where a user can perform different actions like purchasing devices, premium content etc. . I am involved in the System Testing part. The System Testing starts with involving in SR meeting reviews, writing test cases, executing, and deploy of the application in production. We are involved in most of the stages like Requirements, Design and Testing.


•Responsible for getting the project name and timelines of the project from my team lead.

•Gather new requirements and design documents .Also analyze and understand the requirements and write testcases .

•Coordinate with business and team leads with meetings and sign off

•Creation/write test cases if it’s a new CR. Perform Regression testing or Cycle 0 testing as required.

•Organize a test case walkthrough meeting is held with the Business, Team lead and Developers who work on the respective card to make sure the test cases are written properly

•Start testing on the respective test environment and make sure the testing has been completed within the given deadlines

•Raise defects which I find in my testing in Telelogic change synergy and follow up with developers to make sure the issue is resolved.

•Communicate activities/progress to project managers, business analysts, team leaders and clients.

•Use SQL queries for getting the data from the databse for testing .

•Run scripts in HP Load Runner (vuygen – virtual user generator ) and upload them into BSM(Business service manager) to verify the availability of application.

•Majorly I work on 7SP (Digital Lounge), 6VN(Olive) , EAS( E- Billing Analysis) , IIS(Integrated) and BDS(Biller direct) , HJS(mysprint).

•Deploy code on Test/Production/BFX unix servers and also Handling Production Issues on IBM websphere , iplanet , weblogic consoles and on unix servers.

•Write shell scripts to automate the processes on the servers.


Client : British Telecom (BT)


BT is one of the world's leading providers of communications solutions and services operating 170 countries. BT intends to build new platform called CCP to serve customers with high excellence with right the first time concept. CCP is the Customer Centric Platform, this is the name given the strategic components within the BT architecture. There many areas in the E2E testing, they are PSTN, BB, Billing, BT Vision, BT Mobility etc.

The principle components that are involved in E2E testing:
Siebel (OneView)
Platform Access Layers (COPAL, CMPAL, BAL, etc.)
Fulfillment Layer (OFS)
Quality Center (Defects logging)


•Generate Test scenarios from Functional documents.

•Generate Test Scripts for the E2E testing.

•Generate Test Conditions and Expected Results for Test Scenarios.

•Execute the Test Scripts. Rising defects, chasing, monitoring the defects.

•Identify impacted components for the respective tests.

•Preparation of Daily status reports.

•Attending calls with component teams to get functional knowledge.

•Coordinating with the onshore team.

4. Title : SINEMA E (SIMATIC Networking Manger Engineer)



SINEMA E is used for set up Wireless Network Environment in Industrial Plants. SINEMA E mainly consists of three modules Access Point Editor, Loading Configuration Data (Up/Down Load) and Site Survey. SINEMA E is a planning, simulation and configuration software that simplifies the installation and commissioning of the wireless network with the help of integrated simulation functions visualizes IWLAN networks by displaying the coverage, signal-to-noise ratio, access point overlapping etc. taking into account the device parameters and environmental conditions. The planning and installation of the wireless network is made easy by using both integrated and user-defined catalog entries for WLAN devices, antennas and wireless obstacles as well as standard graphic formats for importing maps/plans of the environment.


•Perform Integration testing, Functional testing

•Preparation of test specification

•Clarify and understand software requirement

•Perform test activities

•Implement test automation solution

•Ensure conformance to organization and project quality processes

•Manage customer relationship

•Verify software error fixes

5. Project Title : INTERNET EDI

Company : CMCLTD, Gachibowli, Hyderabad.

Description :

This system acts as a third party to those users who wish to use the resources of EDI through Internet. This will help by giving some screens and check the authorization and it will give the different message formats. With the help of these formats we can send the messages to the specified partners and to the port also. It will give the mail system and the messages will be stored in Inbox and Outbox accordingly.

6. Project Title : BT Healthcheck

Client : British Telecom, UK

Description :

The UK’s biggest Telecommunications Portal providing a full range of services like Home Computing for Home Users, Digital Office for Small & Medium Businesses and Infrastructure Solutions for Organizations in the UK or around UK.

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