Types of Test Cases in Software Testing

Types of Test Cases in Software Testing, Functional Test Cases, Performance Test Cases, Security Test Cases, Database Test Cases, and Usability Test Cases, Etc.

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Types of Test Cases in Software Testing

Writing test cases is an important task in software testing, whether it is manual testing or automated testing.

We have different types of testing, functional testing, performance testing, security testing, database testing, and usability testing, etc.,

So we use different types of test cases to conduct different types of testing,

In Manual Testing, we write test cases either using Excel sheet or test management tools. In Automation testing, we write test cases using the test tool editor.

A Test case is a set of actions performed on a system to determine if it satisfies software requirements and functions correctly.

Example of test case format

The components of a test case include:

  1. Test case name:
  2. Test case ID:
  3. Test suite ID:
  4. Priority:
  5. Objective:
  6. References:
  7. Prerequisites.:
  8. Test setup:
  9. Test steps:
  10. Expected results:
  11. Actual results: * After execution
  12. Test results: Pass/Fail – * After execution
  13. Comment: *Optional

Types of test cases:

1. Functional Test Cases


i. Verify that the User is able to login by entering valid credentials and clicking on the ‘Login’ button.

ii. Verify a link functionality in a webpage.

Note: Functional Testing can be done in both ways, manual Testing and Automation Testing.

2. Performance Test Cases.


i. Verify 5000 Concurrent users load on a website.

Note: Manual testing is impractical for conducting performance testing, Automation testing only possible.

3. Usability Test Cases.


i. Verify Font sizes and element alignments in a web page.

Note: Manual Testing testing is recommended for usability testing, Automation testing is impractical.

4. Security Test Cases


i. Verify User Login Locking,
ii. Verify the login session timeout,
iii. Verify Logged in page in a different browser. )

5. Database Test Cases


i. Verify data integration of customer information.

Note: We have three types of Database testing, structural database testing,  functional database testing, and non functional database testing.

6. Reliability Test Cases


i. Verify reliability of a functionality.

7. Unit Test cases

8. Integration Test cases

9. Acceptance Test cases


Note: No test case writing in Informal testing, test execution only using experienced based test techniques.

Important Tasks in Manual Testing Process:
  • Understanding & Analyzing Requirements
  • Derive Test Scenarios
  • Documenting Test Cases & Collecting Test Data.
  • Verifying Test Environment
  • Executing Test Cases & Analyzing Test Results.
  • Reporting & Tracking Defects
  • Change Related Testing (Re & Regression Testing)
  • Maintain Test Resources

Writing a sample test case

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