Selenium Online Training Classes

Selenium Online Training Classes, Java Programming for Selenium, Selenium WebDriver, TestNG Testing Framework, Selenium Automation (Hybrid) Framework, and Selenium Live Project.

Selenium Online Training with Project (by G C Reddy)

Selenium Online Training Course Modules

1. Java Programming for Selenium
2. Selenium WebDriver
3. TestNG Testing Framework
4. Automation (Hybrid) Framework
5. Project

Selenium Online Training Classes

Class 1: ‘Selenium with Java’ Syllabus Explanation

(Java Programming for Selenium – Syllabus, Selenium WebDriver – Syllabus, TestNG Testing Framework for Selenium – Syllabus, Automation Framework – Syllabus, and Project)

Module I – Java Programming for Selenium

Class 2: Java Programming Environment Setup

(Introduction to Java, Applications of Java Programming / Uses of Java, Java Syntax, and Java Environment Setup & Verify.

Download Java Software (JDK) and Install, Set Java Environment variable in the OS Environment, Download Eclipse IDE and Extract, and Write Java programs in Eclipse Editor and Run)

Class 3: Java Program Structure, Keywords, and Identifiers

(Java Program Structure, Java Keywords, Identifiers in Java, Java Standard Libraries, and Special characters used in Java Programs)

Class 4: Java Data Types and Variables

(What is a Data Type?, Java Primitive Data Types, Non-primitive Data Types, and Java Data Type Conversion.

What is a Variable?, Declaration of Variables, Assign Values to Variables, Variables naming rules, Types of Variables, and Java Program example)

Class 5: Java Operators

(Arithmetic Operators, Unary Operators, Comparison/Relational Operators, Assignment Operators, and Logical Operators)

Class 6: Java Control Flow Statements

Class 7: Java Control Flow Statements Part-2

Class 8: Java Strings, Arrays and ArrayList

Class 9: Java IO (Input and Output)

Class 10: Java Exception Handling

Class 11: Java Methods – User Defined Methods

Class 12: Java Methods – Built-in Methods

Class 13: Java Object Oriented Programming

Class 14: Java Object Oriented Programming Part-2

Module II – Selenium WebDriver

Class 15: Selenium Test Environment Setup

Class 16: Locating Elements in Selenium

Class 17: Selenium WebDriver API Commands

Class 18: Selenium WebDriver Commands Part-2

Class 19: Handling Web/HTML Elements in Selenium

Class 20: Handling Web Elements in Selenium Part-2

Class 21: Writing Selenium Test Cases

Class 22: Writing Selenium Test Cases Part-2

Class 23: Writing Selenium Test Cases Part-3

Class 24: Page Object Model in Selenium

Module III – TestNG Testing Framework

Class 25: TestNG Testing Framework

Class 26: TestNG Testing Framework Part-2

Module IV – Selenium Project

Class 27: Selenium Project Theory

Class 28: Selenium Project – User Module

Class 29: Selenium Project – Admin Module

Module V – Selenium Automation Framework

Selenium 30: Selenium Automation (Hybrid) Framework

Software used in Selenium Test Environment

Selenium is not an all inclusive Test tool; it requires some third party plug-ins and frameworks to broaden the scope of testing.

1. Eclipse IDE

In our Selenium Test Environment, Eclipse IDE is used for integrating Selenium with Java, Maven, TestNG and Other Software, and it provides an editor for writing & executing Selenium Test cases.

2. Selenium WebDriver

It is used to Locate web elements, perform actions on web elements, creating object repositories, and inserting wait statements, etc.

3. Core Java 

We use Java programming to enhance Selenium Test cases, Java syntax is used for writing test cases,  Java data types and variable are used to handle different type of data in Selenium Test cases, Java methods are used to create reusable function for Test cases, Java loop statements are used to conduct Data driven testing, Java exception handling code is used for handling run-time error in Selenium Test cases, etc.

4. TestNG

TestNG Testing framework can be used as Test Runner in Selenium Test Environment.

5. Maven

Maven for Selenium Test environment setup & maintenance.

6. Extent Reports

Extent Reports framework to enhance Selenium Test results.

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