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Software Testing Fresher Resume, Career Objective, Skill Summary, Academic Qualification, Software Testing Certification, and Personal Info.

Selenium Online Training with Project (by G C Reddy)

Software Testing Fresher Resume should consist of Manual Testing skills, Automated testing skills, and SQL Database skills. Contact info, Career objective, Professional skills, Academic info, and Personal info are the important components of an IT fresher resume.

Software Testing Fresher Curriculum Vitae

Gedi Mahith Reddy
Mobile: **********

Career Objective:

To obtain a challenging and responsible position in the area of Software Testing where my knowledge, ability and dedication will be utilized.

Skills Summary:
  • Good Knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle and Software Test Life Cycle.
  • Knowledge of Various SDLC Models, Test Levels, Test Types, and Test design Techniques.
  • Knowledge of All phases of the Software Test Process includes Test Planning, Test Design, Test Execution and Test Closure.
  • Knowledge of Generating Test Scenarios, Write Test Cases and Collect Test Data.
  • Knowledge of Executing Test Batches and Analyzing Test Result.
  • Knowledge of Defect Reporting, Defect Tracking, and complete Defect Life cycle.
  • Knowledge of UFT (formerly QTP), Selenium, and Test Automation Process.
  • Expertise in Programming Fundamentals, and Database Fundamentals.
  • Familiar with Java Programming and VBScript
  • Knowledge of Writing & Executing SQL Statements.
  • Knowledge of SQL Server Database Management System.
  • Knowledge of Quality Standards like ISO, IEEE, and CMM /CMMI.
  • Good interpersonal skills, committed, result-oriented, hard-working with a quest and zeal to learn new technologies.
Academic Qualification:

• B.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering) from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University in 20** with 73%.

• Intermediate from BIE, AP (SKR Govt College, Gudur) passed in 20** with 68%

• S.S.C from School of Secondary Education, AP in 20** with 76%.

Software Skills:
Operating SystemsWindows 7, 8, 10, 11, Server 2016 and 2018, as well as Linux
ProgrammingJava and Python
DocumentationMS Office and Open Office
DatabasesMS SQL Server and MySQL
Testing ManagementALM/QC and Jira
Web TechnologiesHTML, XML, and JavaScript
Academic Project Work:

Title: IBEE-eCom
Technologies Used: HTML, JavaScript, Java, Oracle
Server: Tomcat 5.0
Operating System: Windows 10

Project Description:

IBEE-eCom is an Ecommerce Web portal, it organizes online shopping business operations like product promotions, selling products, and shipping goods etc. It has 2 interfaces, One is Admin interface, provides features like Adding / Editing / Deleting Vendors, Products, User management and generating Reports. Another interface is User Interface, which provides features like Products menu, searching for products, buying products etc…


  • Understanding and analyzing Software Requirements
  • Involvement in User Interface design using HTML, JavaScript, and Flash technologies.
  • Writing code for User interface functionality and part of Admin interface functionality.
  • Involvement in Database design (Creating and Organizing Database Objects)
Personal Details:

Name: Gedi Mahith Reddy
Date of Birth: 30-July-2000
Married Status: Single
Nationality: Indian
Address for Communication: xxxxxxxxxxx

Languages known: Telugu, English, Hindi

Reference: Provided upon request

Selenium Online Training Certificate
Selenium Online Training Certificate

Software Testing Fresher Curriculum Vitae Template

Your Name:

Career Objective:

Write your Career Objective in brief.

Skills Summary:

Summarize Software Testing Skills, Communication Skills, and Others

Manual Testing

  • Knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle.
  • Knowledge on Levels of Testing.
  • Knowledge of Types of Testing.
  • Knowledge of Functional and Non Functional Testing.
  • knowledge of Software Test Life Cycle
  • Knowledge of Writing Test Documents.
  • Knowledge of Review and Executing Test Documents.
  • Knowledge of Defect Tracking Tool.


  • Knowledge of Database Management Systems
  • Good knowledge in writing SQL queries
  • Practiced extensively on SQL Server Express Edition Database

Test Automation using Selenium

  • Knowledge on Creating Selenium Test Cases using Element Locators and WebDriver methods
  • Knowledge of Java programming to enhance Test Cases
  • Knowledge of TestNG Testing Framework
Academic Details:

Write your Education details…

Software Skills:

Operating Systems:

Testing Methodologies:



Web Technologies

Academic Project (If any)

Project Environment

Project Description

Roles and Responsibilities:

Personal Details:

Marital status:
Languages Known:


Place: Hyderabad
Date: **/**/****

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Manual Testing Job Responsibilities for Fresher

  • Knowledge on Software Testing (Manual Testing) Life Cycle
  • Knowledge on Test documents like test plans, test cases, check lists, etc.
  • Ability to write test scenarios, test cases, prepare test suites, run and generate test reports.
  • Should able to Perform all aspects of verification, including functional, regression ,system testing, Accessibility Testing and Usability Testing.
  • Should have knowledge of bug life cycle.
  • Strong Knowledge in SQL queries.
  • Should have good analytical skills.
  • Should have good coordination with the team.
  • Should have knowledge in any bug tracking tool

Automation Testing (using Selenium) Knowledge for Fresher (Optional)

  • Knowledge on Automation Testing Fundamentals
  • Knowledge on Web/HTML elements
  • Knowledge on Inspecting Elements
  • Knowledge on Computer programming Fundamentals
  • Knowledge on Automation Test Environment Setup
  • Knowledge on HTML Element Locators and Selenium WebDriver API Commands
  • Knowledge on Writing Selenium Test cases.
  • Knowledge on Testing Framework like JUnit or TestNG.
  • Knowledge on Automation Framework

SQL Knowledge for Software Testing Fresher 

  • Knowledge on Database Models, Database Types, and Database Objects
  • Knowledge on SQL Data Types and Database  Operators
  • Knowledge on Data Definition Language (DDL)
  • Knowledge on Data Manipulation Language (DML)
  • Knowledge on Data Control Language (DCL)
  • Knowledge on SQL Clauses
  • Knowledge on SQL Queries, Sub Queries, and Joins
  • Knowledge on SQL Functions
  • Knowledge on SQL Indexes

Knowledge on Computer Programming Fundamentals

  • Knowledge Programming Environment Setup
  • Knowledge on Programming Keywords, Identifiers, and Standard Libraries
  • Knowledge on Data Types and Variables
  • Knowledge on Expressions and Operators
  • Knowledge on Control Flow Statements (Deci ion Making or Conditional, Loop, and Branching Statements.
  • Knowledge on Characters, Numbers, and String Handling
  • Knowledge on Data Structures (Arrays, ArrayList, Etc.,)
  • Knowledge on IO (Input & Output) Operations
  • Knowledge on File Handling
  • Knowledge on Exception handling
  • Knowledge on Object oriented Fundamentals
  • Knowledge on Object Oriented Programming Principles.

Knowledge on Documentation using MS Office.

Knowledge on Web Technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Knowledge on MS Windows Client and Server Operating Systems, and UNIX (Optional) 

Communication Skills for Any Job

Communication is a core skill involving a wide range of “sub-skills” essential for the workplace and for the hiring process that will get you there.

Here are the some communication sub-skills that are most in-demand:

1. Written And Oral Communication
2. Presentation
3. Active Listening
4. Nonverbal Communication
5. Feedback
6. Respect
7. Confidence
8. Clarity
9. Honesty
10. Friendliness
11. Public Speaking

Software Testing Fresher Resume

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