Software Tester Job Responsibilities

Software Tester Job Responsibilities, Manual Testing Job Responsibilities, Selenium Job Responsibilities, UFT Job Responsibilities, Performance Testing Job Responsibilities, and Database Testing Job Responsibilities.

Note: Software Tester, Test Lead Job Responsibilities may vary from One Company to another and One Project to another. Here I have provided Job Responsibilities in general orientation and by considering Industry Standards.

Software Testing can be done in two ways, one is Manual testing, and another is Automation testing. Job responsibilities are vary from Manual testing to Automation testing.

Software Testing (Manual and Automated) Tutorials

1. Manual Testing Tutorial (Document/Text)

Manual Testing Tutorial (Video)

2. Selenium Tutorial (Document/Text)

Selenium Tutorial (Video)

3. UFT/QTP Tutorial (Document/Text)

UFT/QTP Tutorial (Video)

4. Apache JMeter Tutorial (Document/Text)

Apache JMeter Tutorial (Video)

5. SQL Tutorial (Document/Text)

SQL Step by Step Tutorial – Full Course for Beginners (Video)

6. Java Tutorial (Document/Text)

Java Tutorial (Video)

7. Python Tutorial (Document/Text)

Python Tutorial (Video)

8. VBScript Tutorial (Document/Text)

VBScript Tutorial (Videos)

1. Software Tester Job Responsibilities:

• Understanding Software Requirements/User Stories

• Contributing to Test Plan Preparation

• Deriving Test Scenarios / Outlines

• Documenting Test Cases

• Updating Traceability Matrices document

• Collecting Test Data

• Creating Test Batches

• Executing Test Cases

• Reporting Defects

• Tracking Defects

• Collect Test Metrics

• Selecting Test cases for Re & Regression Testing

• Executing Regression Tests

• Modifying Test Cases (If Required)

2. Software Test Job Responsibilities:

• Understanding and Analyzing Software Requirements

• Risk Analysis

• Test Strategy Implementation

• Test Estimations

• Test Team Formation

Test Plan Documentation

• Configuration Management Planning

• Traceability Metrics document preparation

• Defining Test Environment / Test Lab set-up

• Guidance to Team Members

• Test Monitoring

• Test Control

• Interacting with Client-side People

• Evaluating Exit Criteria

• Preparing Test Summary Report

• Sending Test Deliverables to Customer

3. Selenium Automation Tester Job Responsibilities:

• Selecting Test Cases for Automation (Test Lead Responsibility)

• Selecting Selenium Components and Other Software Components for Testing (Ex: Eclipse IDE, Selenium WebDriver, Java, TestNG, Maven and Jenkins, etc,)

Select Automation Framework and Implement

• Involvement in Selenium Environment setup

• Inspecting Elements/Objects.

• Creating Test cases using Element locators and Selenium WebDriver methods.

• Enhancing Test cases using Java programming (or any other supporting language) features.

• Grouping Test cases and generating detailed Test reports using TestNG.

• Analyzing Test Results and Reporting Defects.

• Re & Regression Testing on Modified build.

Note: If we use any Automation Framework for Selenium, First we select Automation Framework Structure then implementing it. Selenium Test Environment Setup, Creating Object Repositories using POM, Customized Commands, Reusable Functions, Creating Test Cases using Test Automation Resources, Executing Test Batches, Generating Test Results, Analyzing Test Results and Reporting Defects using Defect Management System.

Re & Regression Testing on Modified Build/s, Confirmation Testing, Closing defects and Maintenance of Test Automation Resources.)

4. UFT / QTP Automation Tester Job Responsibilities:

• Deriving Test Automation Scenarios

• Generating Basic Tests using either Recording or Keyword driven methodology or Descriptive programming or by following a hybrid approach.

• Inserting Verification points, Adding Comments and Writing Error handling statements, and Defining Test Result (If Required)

• Parameterize Tests for Data Driven Testing

• Creating Test Batches (otherwise we can implant Automation Framework for Automation Resources maintenance and Executing Tests)

• Debugging Tests (If Required) and Executing Tests

• Analyzing Test Results

• Reporting Defects through the Organization Defect Management System

• Tracking Defects status

• Selecting Tests for Regression Testing

• Modifying Tests (If required)

• Final Regression Testing

• Maintaining Test Automation Resources

5. UFT / QTP Automation Test Lead Job Responsibilities:

• Getting Environment (Technology) details from the Development Team and selecting appropriate Add-ins

• Analyzing the AUT (Application Under Test) in terms of Object Identification

• Selecting Areas of Test Cases for Automation

• QTP Tool settings configuration and Globalize the Settings

• Automation Framework Implementation (It is optional, but important, without Automation Framework also we can Generate and Run Tests)

• Identifying End to End Scenarios, Reusable Components, Unique Components

• Identifying Sanity Tests and Data-Driven Tests

• Identifying Verification Points

• Estimating Code size by considering Normal statements /steps, Verification points and Error handling statements and Comments (Optional)

• Work allocation to team members

• Creating and Organizing Folder structure

• Guidance, monitoring and Test Control

• Involving in Automation Framework Implementation (In generating Driver script and Initialization Script etc…)

• Collecting and Sending Test Automation resources and others to Customer

• Maintaining Test Automation Resources

6. Performance Tester Job Responsibilities:

• Identifying Industry Performance Testing Benchmarks and by considering customer interests defining Performance Test Strategy.

• Selecting Test Scenarios for Load, Stress, Spike and Endurance Testing

• Preparing Performance Test Plan

• Generating Test scripts (Using any Automation Tool like LoadRunner or JMeter or RPT etc…, generally Manual Testing is impractical for Performance Testing, so we use any performance Test tool)

• Enhancing Test Scripts by inserting Flow control statements, parameterization, and Error handling statements

• Creating Virtual Users and adding scripts

• Creating Load, Stress, Spike and Endurance Test Scenarios

• Controlling Host, guest machines, and Virtual Users

• Running Tests

• Analyzing Test Results by Considering Load Test Environment configuration, Server response, Network Communicators and Industry Performance Benchmarks

• Sending Suggestions for Application Performance Improvement

• Organizing and Maintaining Performance Test Automation Resources

Note: Manual Testing is impractical to perform Performance testing, Automation testing only possible.

7. Database Tester Job Responsibilities:

• Identifying Database Test Scenarios

• Connecting to Database and Data Retrieval Operations

• Verifying Data Integrity

• Verifying Data Manipulation Operations (Addition, Modification and Deletion)

• Data Comparisons (Front-end Data with Back-end, Database data with Excel file data etc..)

• Verifying Data Back-up and Recovery Operations

• Verifying Stored Procedures

• Verifying the Data Processing

8. Security Tester Job Responsibilities:

• Independently advise stakeholders of the best security test strategy to use for each project.

• Define the security testing framework and best practices for the PD testing group.

• Exploit security flaws and vulnerabilities with attack simulations on multiple systems and projects working against specifically focused scopes of work.

• Integrate the security testing activity into the development/testing lifecycle.

• Perform web application Penetration testing (manual and Automated) and pinpoint the security issues and suggest countermeasures for security improvements.

• Research and develop security testing tools, techniques, and process improvements.

• Assists test management to ensure the delivery of security testing activities throughout the duration of a project until release.

• Mentor junior engineers where necessary to build their skills and contribution levels in security testing.

9. ETL Tester Job Responsibilities:

• Query Tuning, Database Tuning, Performance tuning, and different indexing methods

• Working of Joins, Subqueries, CTEs, and complex query writing

• Creating Stored Procedures, Functions, Tables, Cursors, Hash tables and handling large data types

• Test ETL data warehouse components.

• Executing backend data-driven test.

• Test flat file data transfers.

• Writing SQL queries for various scenarios like count test

• Conduct Primary key test

• Conduct Duplicate test

• Conduct Attribute test

• Verify Technical data quality

• Verify Business data quality.

10. Web Services Tester Job Responsibilities:

• Analyzed recorded and modify client-server traffic using an HTTP monitor.

• Create and run functional and load tests on web services prior to implementation.

• Create MOCKS for web services testing.

• Collaborate closely with clients during the testing process.

• Create and execute both load and functional tests for web services.

• Write reports of findings and suggest changes.

• Work closely with the web development team to ensure quality deliverables.

• Create complex test cases and message flows.

• Develop service features as plugins.

11. Mobile Tester Job Responsibilities:

• Verify Add / Update / Delete / View Contacts

• Verify Outgoing calls

• Verify Receiving incoming calls

• Verify Holding Calls

• Verify Conference Calls

• Verify Balance inquiry

• Verify Recharging

• Verify Sending Single SMS and bulk SMS

• Verify Receiving SMS

• Verify View SMS

• Verify Communicating to Customer Care service

• Verify Mobile Settings (Names, Language and other preferences)

• Verify Mobile Browsing

• Verify FM Radio

• Verify downloading

• Verify Videos Streaming

XII. Mainframes Tester Job Responsibilities:

XIII. Middleware Tester Job Responsibilities:

XIV. Usability Testing Roles and Responsibilities:

XV. Compatibility Testing Job Responsibilities:

XVI. Reliability Testing Job Responsibilities:

Software Tester Job Responsibilities

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