SQL Queries for Software Testers

SQL Queries for Software Testers

SQL Queries for Software Testers, Database Fundamentals, Database Engine Installation, SQL Language Elements, Data Definition Language, Data Manipulation Language, and Data Control Language. SQL Views, SQL Keys, SQL Indexes, and Database Normalization. SQL Queries for Software Testers Create the following Tables: LOCATION Location_ID Regional_Group 122 NEW YORK 123 DALLAS 124 CHICAGO 167 BOSTON   DEPARTMENT … Read more

Database connections

SQL Databases

Database connections, Connection strings for SQL Databases, MS SQL Server database connection strings, Oracle connectivity, and MYSQL database. Database connections for connecting MS SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle, and MySQL databases, SQL Database connection strings The database connection is a facility in computer science that allows client software to communicate with database server software, whether … Read more

MS SQL Server Training Institutes In Chennai

MS SQL Server Training Institutes In Chennai 1) Besant Technologies a) Velachery Branch No. 24, Nagendra Nagar, Velachery Main Road, Velachery, Chennai – 600 042 Phone: +91 996 252 8293, 996 252 8294 b) Tambaram Branch No. 31 / 11, Govindarajan Street, West Tambaram,Chennai – 600 045 Phone: +91 996 250 4283 c) OMR Branch … Read more

Popular Database Management Systems

Popular Database Management Systems 1) Oracle 2) MySQL 3) Microsoft SQL Server 4) PostgreSQL 5) MongoDB 6) DB2 7) Cassandra 8) Microsoft Access 9) SQLite 10) Redis 1) Oracle Oracle Database Oracle RDBMS is an Object Relational Database Management System from the Oracle Corporation. Oracle database is the first database designed for enterprise grid computing. … Read more

Database Testing

Database Testing Interview Questions 1) What is Data? And how it is Importance to the Organization? A collection of facts, Pieces of information from which conclusions may be drawn. Ex: Resumes for managing the human Resources..! 2) What is Database? The Collection of Interrelated Data is called Database. 3) What is Database testing? Database testing … Read more