programming for testers

Programming Knowledge for Software Testers

Programming Knowledge for Software Testers Programming, Software Programming, yes nowadays programming is not only for computer software, also for Mobile software, basically programming is for software development, it is the primary purpose of the...

selenium brochure

Selenium Course Syllabus

 Selenium Course Syllabus Prerequisites to learn Selenium 1) What is Selenium? 2) Select Selenium Tool/s and Other Software for Testing 3) Programming (Java) for Selenium 4) Selenium WebDriver 5) Unit Testing Framework (TestNG)...

sql tutorial

SQL Queries for Software Testers

SQL Queries for Software Testers, Database Fundamentals, Database Engine Installation, SQL Language Elements, Data Definition Language, Data Manipulation language, and Data Control language. SQL Views, SQL Keys, SQL Indexes, and Database Normalization. Create the...