Transaction Control Language

Transaction Control Language These commands are used for controlling the state of the transaction they are fired from. Controlling a transaction includes capabilities of committing it, rolling back the changes, identifying the SAVEPOINTs to control the ROLLBACK, etc. The command belonging to this category are:- COMMIT – used for making the changes permanent. ROLLBACK – … Read more

business objects developer resume

business objects developer resume Guruprasad Hegde Mobile No: +65-83590235 Email Id: Career Objective: To be associated with a progressive and innovative organization that gives scope to apply my knowledge and skills; to deliver successful and on time solutions for my clients with least error. Summary: •I’m having 4+ years of IT experience specializing inBanking … Read more

Sharepoint Resume

Sharepoint Resume Annapureddy Pavanireddy Mobile: xxxxxxxxxx Email: Experience Summary: •Around 4 Years of IT Experience with MS.Net and SharePoint Portal. •3 Years of experience in Design, Development and Implementation of SharePoint technologies include SharePoint Server 2010-2007, WSS 3.0. •Experience in Windows Application development, Web Application development, SharePoint using Microsoft Technologies in both Internet and … Read more

IT Fresher Resume

IT Fresher Resume Title: Fresher Primary Skills: C, C++, web development, C#, .NET, Java Location: Anywhere in India I am BTech Graduate in the field of information technology looking for challenging opportunity within your organization. Personal Skills: • Comprehensive problem solving abilities. • Excellent verbal and communication skills. • Ability to deal with people diplomatically, … Read more

LoadRunner Resume

Performance Tester Sample Resume Praveen Kumar I E-Mail: Contact: 91-********** ———————————————————————————– Middle level assignments in Performance Testing with a reputed organization preferably in India. Profile Summary: • Loadrunner trained professional with over 4 years of experience in Performance Testing, Software Testing, Requirement Gathering, Estimation , Test Planning & Preparation, Execution and Reporting (Non-Functional Testing) … Read more

Java Introduction

Java Introduction What is Java? Java is a computer programming language. It enables programmers to write computer instructions using English based commands, instead of having to write in numeric codes. It’s known as a “high-level” language because it can be read and written easily by humans. Like English, Java has a set of rules that … Read more


NORMALIZATION IN SQL Normalization: The most important thing in database designing is to make sure that the data get properly distributed among the tables. Simply we can say that the designing of the table in proper manner is called Normalization. Normalization is a process that is used in relational database design to organize the data … Read more

SQL Data Types

SQL Data Types Selecting appropriate data types is one of the most important considerations when designing a SQL Server database. Choices you make in the database design phase may have a significant impact on the efficiency, performance and storage requirements of your database. SQL data type is an attribute that specifies type of data of … Read more

SQL Queries

SQL Queries SQL Expressions: An expression is a combination of one or more values, operators, and SQL functions that evaluate to a value. SQL EXPRESSIONs are like formulas and they are written in query language. You can also use them to query the database for specific set of data. Syntax: Consider the basic syntax of … Read more

Mainframe Application Testing Interview Questions

Mainframe Application Testing Interview Questions Q). What is Mainframe Computer /System? A large Electronic Data Processing System, can handle lacks of records. IBM builds Mainframe Computers. Today, Big companies; Banks, Insurance Companies, Travel and Retail Sector, Telecom Companies employ Mainframes for processing their business data. Today, thousands of people around the globe book flights, do … Read more