OpenSTA(Open System Testing Architecture)

  OpenSTA(Open System Testing Architecture) Performance Testing: One or more Tests designed to investigate the efficiency of Web Application Environments (WAE). Used to identify any weaknesses or limitations of target WAEs using a series of stress Tests or load Tests. Features Of OpenSTA(Open System Testing Architecture) Product: Cyraine Version: 1.4.1 Latest Version : 1.4.2 Purpose … Read more

Healthcare Domain

Healthcare Domain Projects for Testing Resume 1) Title: HealthCare System Client : St.George, Paris Software Used : Java, JSP, Oracle Test Approach : Manual testing Description: The aim of the project is to automate various activities of the Hospital. The main activities covered are Doctors Information, Patient Details, Nurse Information and Lab Details. This project … Read more

Interview Questions on VBScript Operators

  Interview Questions on VBScript Operators 1) What is an Operator in Computer Programming or in Scripting? A symbol that represents a specific action or operations, we can find operators in all programming and Scripting languages. Ex: + (Addition) – (Subtraction) * (Multiplication) Note: Operators or not only Symbol oriented, some text oriented operators also … Read more