what is formal testing

Static Test Design Techniques, Informal Review, Walk-through, Technical Review and Inspection.
Dynamic Test Design Techniques, White box Test Design Techniques, Black box Test Design Techniques, and Experience based Techniques.
Black box Test Design Techniques like Equivalence Partitioning, Boundary Value Analysis, Decision Table Testing, State Transition Testing and Use Case Testing.
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what is formal testing

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formal testing

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Re: what is formal testing

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Derive Test Scenarios from Requirements,
Test Case Documentation,
Test Data Collection,
Executing Test Cases,
Reporting Defects,
Tracking Defects,
Confirmation Testing and Defect Closure,
by formal documentation...

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Re: what is formal testing

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Re: what is formal testing

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A formal test plan is more than an early step in the software testing process—it's a vital part of your software development life cycle. This book presents a series of tasks to help you develop a formal testing process model, as well as the inputs and outputs associated with each task.

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