Functionalities of Database Testing

Database Test Operations (Data Manipulations, Data Integrity, Data Comparisons and Data Backup & Recovery) Database Testing Manually and Database Testing using Test Tools (Selenium,UFT etc,)
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Vijay Kumar Varma
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Functionalities of Database Testing

Post by Vijay Kumar Varma » Sat Dec 08, 2018 6:57 am

What are the important Functionalities of Database Testing?

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Re: Functionalities of Database Testing

Post by Imran » Sun Dec 09, 2018 9:02 am

Database Testing:

1) Verify Data Manipulations (Add, Edit and Delete Records)

2) Verify Data Integrity

3) Verify Data Consistency

4) Data Comparisons

5) Data Backup & Recovery

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Re: Functionalities of Database Testing

Post by srini » Mon Jan 21, 2019 12:34 pm

Database testing includes performing data validity, data integrity testing, performance check related to database and testing of procedures, triggers and functions in the database.

Consider an application that captures the day-to-day transaction details for users and stores the details in the database. From database testing point of view, the following checks should be performed −

The transactional information from the application should be stored in the database and it should provide correct information to the user.

Information should not be lost when it is loaded to database.

Only completed transactions should be stored and all incomplete operations should be aborted by the application.

Access authorization to database should be maintained. No unapproved or unauthorized access to user information should be provided.

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