ISTQB Sample Questions

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ISTQB Sample Questions

Post by Srinivas » Fri Nov 30, 2018 6:30 am

Can you give some ISTQB Foundation Level Certification sample questions for practice?

Vijay Kumar Varma
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Re: ISTQB Sample Questions

Post by Vijay Kumar Varma » Sat Dec 08, 2018 6:51 am

Below are the some sample ISTQB Foundation Level Questions:

1) Peer Reviews are also called as :-

a) Inspection
b) Walkthrough
c) Technical Review
d) Formal Review

2) Consider the following statements:

i. 100% statement coverage guarantees 100% branch coverage.
ii. 100% branch coverage guarantees 100% statement coverage.
iii. 100% branch coverage guarantees 100% decision coverage.
iv. 100% decision coverage guarantees 100% branch coverage.
v. 100% statement coverage guarantees 100% decision coverage.

a) ii is True; i, iii, iv & v are False
b) i & v are True; ii, iii & iv are False
c) ii & iii are True; i, iv & v are False
d) ii, iii & iv are True; i & v are False

3) The Kick Off phase of a formal review includes the following :-

a) Explaining the objective
b) Fixing defects found typically done by author
c) Follow up
d) Individual Meeting preparations

4) Defects discovered by static analysis tools include :

i. Variables that are never used.
ii. Security vulnerabilities.
iii. Programming Standard Violations
iv. Uncalled functions and procedures

a) i , ii,iii,iv is correct
b) iii ,is correct I,ii,iv are incorrect.
c) i ,ii, iii and iv are incorrect
d) iv, ii is correct


5) Test Conditions are derived from :-

a) Specifications
b) Test Cases
c) Test Data
d) Test Design

6) Which of the following is true about White and Black Box Testing Technique:-

a) Equivalence partitioning, Decision Table and Control flow are White box Testing Techniques.
b) Equivalence partitioning , Boundary Value Analysis , Data Flow are Black Box Testing Techniques.
c) Equivalence partitioning , State Transition , Use Case Testing are black box Testing Techniques.
d) Equivalence Portioning , State Transition , Use Case Testing and Decision Table are White Box Testing Techniques.

7) In case of Large Systems :-

a) Only few tests should be run
b) Testing should be on the basis of Risk
c) Only Good Test Cases should be executed.
d) Test Cases written by good test engineers should be executed.

8) The Provision and Management of a controlled library containing all the configurations items is called as

a) Configuration Control
b) Status Accounting
c) Configuration Identification
d) Configuration Identification

9) COTS is known as

a) Commercial off the shelf software
b) Compliance of the software
c) Change control of the software
d) Capable off the shelf software

10) From the below given choices, which one is the ‘Confidence testing’

a) Sanity testing
b) System testing
c) Smoke testing
d) Regression testing

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Re: ISTQB Sample Questions

Post by Imran » Thu Mar 07, 2019 4:20 am

ISTQB Sample Question Papers:

ISTQB Certification Sample Question Papers with Answers

1) ISTQB Sample Question Paper 1 ... estions-1/

2) ISTQB Sample Question Paper 2 ... n-paper-2/

3) ISTQB Sample Question Paper 3 ... n-paper-3/

4) ISTQB Sample Question Paper 4 ... n-paper-4/

5) ISTQB Certification Question Paper 5 ... n-paper-5/

6) ISTQB Certification Question Paper 6 ... n-paper-6/

7) ISTQB Certification Question Paper 7 ... n-paper-7/

8) ISTQB Certification Question Paper 8 ... n-paper-8/

9) ISTQB Certification Question Paper 9 ... n-paper-9/

10) ISTQB Certification Question Paper 10 ... -paper-10/


ISTQB Mock Tests for Practice:

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