Interview Questions On Automation Framework Part -I

Interview Questions On Automation Framework Part -I 1) What is Automation Framework? Definition 1: A systematic approach to automate software Test process Definition 2: A set of guidelines, assumptions and process developed by experts in order to perform a task(s) in an effective, efficient and optimized way. 2) Why Automation Framework? In one project test … Read more

Interview Questions On Test Automation

Interview Questions On Test Automation 1) What is Automation? General definition: Manual Process to mechanized process Software Industry definition: Automation is a Microsoft technology that makes it possible to access software objects inside one application from other applications. These objects can be created and manipulated using a scripting or programming language such as VBScript or … Read more

SQL Interview Questions and Answers

SQL Interview Questions and Answers Structured Query Language (SQL) developed by IBM in 1970s, It is used to communicate with Databases. Most of the Databases Management Systems like Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL Server, MySQL, IBM-DB2 etc… using SQL for communication databases. SQL knowledge is mandatory for Database developers as well as Testers. 1) What are … Read more

Manual Testing Interview Questions

Manual Testing Interview Questions Q: What is performance testing? A: Although performance testing is described as a part of system testing, it can be regarded as a distinct level of testing. Performance testing verifies loads, volumes and response times, as defined by requirements. Q: What is load testing? A: Load testing is testing an application … Read more

software testing FAQ

software testing FAQ Q: What is the general testing process? A: The general testing process is the creation of a test strategy (which sometimes includes the creation of test cases), creation of a test plan/design (which usually includes test cases and test procedures) and the execution of tests. Q: How do you create a test … Read more

Manual Testing Interview Questions -6

Manual Testing Interview Questions -6 Q: How do you introduce a new software QA process? A: It depends on the size of the organization and the risks involved. For large organizations with high-risk projects, a serious management buy-in is required and a formalized QA process is necessary. For medium size organizations with lower risk projects, … Read more

introduction to c

C Programming Language Introduction C Language is a powerful programming language developed by Denis Ritche in 1972. C Language is a general purpose language but normally used for system programming. C is a High Level Programming Language, Compiler is required in order to convert the high level language (English like) into machine level language (Binary … Read more

Test Project

Test Project Management Managing Test Project Software testing is a project with almost all the same attributes as a software development project. Software testing involves project planning, project staffing, scheduling and budgeting, communicating, assigning and monitoring work and ensuring that changes to the project plan are incorporated into the test plan. Test Administration Test administration … Read more