Mainframe Application Testing Interview Questions

Mainframe Application Testing Interview Questions Q). What is Mainframe Computer /System? A large Electronic Data Processing System, can handle lacks of records. IBM builds Mainframe Computers. Today, Big companies; Banks, Insurance Companies, Travel and Retail Sector, Telecom Companies employ Mainframes for processing their business data. Today, thousands of people around the globe book flights, do … Read more

OpenSTA(Open System Testing Architecture)

  OpenSTA(Open System Testing Architecture) Performance Testing: One or more Tests designed to investigate the efficiency of Web Application Environments (WAE). Used to identify any weaknesses or limitations of target WAEs using a series of stress Tests or load Tests. Features Of OpenSTA(Open System Testing Architecture) Product: Cyraine Version: 1.4.1 Latest Version : 1.4.2 Purpose … Read more

C language Loop Statements

Interview Questions on C language Loop Statements 1. What is a loop statement in C? Loop statement is used to execute a set of instructions repeatedly until a particular condition is being satisfied. 2. What are Control structures in C? Control structures are the statements which controls the overall any program. 3. What are the … Read more

C language Conditional statements

Interview Questions on C language Conditional statements 1. What is a conditional statement? Conditional Statement (also called Condition) is a feature of programming language , which allows it to perform actions depending upon some conditions provided by the programmer. Conditional statement controls the sequence of statements depending on the condition. 2. What are the different … Read more

Interview Questions on C language Constants

Interview Questions on C language Constants 1. What is a constant? A C constant is usually just the written version of a number. The constants can never change their value. The constants value is locked for the duration of the program. Constants also provide a strong hint to the compiler for optimization. Since the compiler … Read more

C language Data Types

Interview Questions on C language Data Types 1. What is Data Type? Data type is a set of data with values having predefined characteristics such as integers and characters. Storage representations and machine instructions to handle data types differ from machine to machine. 2. How many data types are there in C? C data types … Read more

C Introduction

Interview Questions on C Introduction 1. What is C? ‘C’ language is a general-purpose computer programming language with features economy of expression, modern flow control and data structures, and rich set of operators developed between 1969 and 1973 by Dennis Ritchie at the Bell Telephone Laboratories for use with the Unix operating system. C is … Read more

Healthcare Domain

Healthcare Domain Projects for Testing Resume 1) Title: HealthCare System Client : St.George, Paris Software Used : Java, JSP, Oracle Test Approach : Manual testing Description: The aim of the project is to automate various activities of the Hospital. The main activities covered are Doctors Information, Patient Details, Nurse Information and Lab Details. This project … Read more

Interview Questions on VBScript Operators

  Interview Questions on VBScript Operators 1) What is an Operator in Computer Programming or in Scripting? A symbol that represents a specific action or operations, we can find operators in all programming and Scripting languages. Ex: + (Addition) – (Subtraction) * (Multiplication) Note: Operators or not only Symbol oriented, some text oriented operators also … Read more