Advantages of Test Automation

Benefits of Automated Testing.

Advantages of Test Automation, Drawbacks of Test Automation, Fast, Test Reusability, Reliability, Programable, and Comprehensive Testing. Test Automation or Automated Testing is a process of Testing Computer Software or Mobile Software using any Software Tool (Test Tool). We have several Test Tools in the IT Industry, They are, 1. Selenium, UFT (formerly QTP), RFT, SilkTest, … Read more

Introduction to Testing Tools

Testing Tools

Introduction to Software Test Tools Testing Tools: Tools from a software testing context can be defined as a product that supports one or more test activities right from planning, requirements, creating a build, test execution, defect logging and test analysis. Automated Testing / Test Automation: We have two ways of Software Testing, Manual Testing and … Read more

Introduction to Automated Testing

  Introduction to Automated Testing Software Testing can be done in 2 ways, 1) Manual Testing 2) Automated Testing or Test Automation Note: Now a days Software not only for Computers, and also for Mobile devices. Advantages of Test Automation 1) Fast: Test Tool is faster in Test Execution than Human Users 2) Reliable: Test … Read more