Manual Testing vs Automation Testing

Software Testing Full Course Material

Manual Testing vs Automation Testing, Manual Testing Process, Automation Testing Process, and Comparing Automated Testing and Manual Testing. Software Testing is the process of verifying a system with the purpose of identifying any defects, gaps, or missing requirements versus the actual requirements. Software Testing can be done in two ways, they are Manual Testing and … Read more

Manual Testing Process

Manual Testing Syllabus

Manual Testing Process Manual Testing Process, Understand Requirements or User stories, derive Test scenarios, document Test cases, execute r run Test cases, find & report defects, track defects, conduct change related testing, and test cycle closure. Software Testing is a process of verifying whether the software is working as per its requirements. Software Testing is … Read more

Is Manual Testing Dying?

Is Manual Testing Dying? Manual Testing will never dead, but slowly Manual Testing importance may be reduced Manual Testing or Automation Testing that depends on Type of software, Type of Testing, and Production Environment etc… Software Testing can be done in 2 ways, 1) Manual Testing 2) Test Automation or Automated Testing Automation Testing can’t … Read more