JMeter Tutorial 3: Elements of JMeter

Elements of Apache JMeter, Test Plan, Thread Group, Controllers, Listeners, Timers, Assertions, Configuration Elements, Pre-Processor Elements, Post-Processor Elements and Execution order of Test Elements. Start / Launch JMeter Tool, Select Test Plan, Add Thread Group, Add Processes, Add Samplers, Add Logic Controllers, Add Listners, Add Timers, Add Assertions, and Save the Test Plan. Create JMeter … Read more

JMeter Tutorial 2: Introduction to Apache JMeter

Introduction to Apache JMeter. 1) What is Apache JMeter? 2) Advantages and Disadvantages of JMeter 3) JMeter vs LoadRunner 4) How does JMeter Work? 5) Installation of JMeter 1) What is Apache JMeter? > Apache JMeter is an open source, 100% Java based application with a graphical user interface. It is designed to analyse and … Read more