How do we write Selenium Test cases?

Selenium Test Cases

How do we write Selenium Test cases?, Using Web/HTML Element Locators, Selenium WebDriver methods, Java Programming, and TestNG Testing Framework. Writing Test cases is an important activity or task in Automated Testing, Test engineers need to write instructions using test tool features and programming concepts. Test execution is a simple task in Automated testing, test … Read more

Data Types in Java

Data Types in Java

Data Types in Java, Primitive Data Types, Non-primitive Data Types, Java Strings, Java Numbers, Java Characters, and Java Boolean Data Type. Java Tutorial for Beginners Java Data Types What is Data Type? Data Type is a classification of the type of data that a Variable or Constant or Method can hold in computer programming Example: … Read more

4. Java for Selenium

java tutorial

Overview of Java Programming Java is a Programming Language and a Platform Java is used as a programming language to develop Software Applications Java is used as Software Platform to run Java Applications Java has three important editions 1) Java Standard Edition / Core Java (Old name J2SE)2) Java Enterprise Edition / Advanced Java (Old … Read more

Java for Selenium Interview Questions

Java for Selenium Interview Questions and Answers 1) Why we prefer Java for Selenium? • Selenium written in Java, it doesn’t mean that Java only more compatible with selenium, we can use other supported languages also. • Good support for Selenium with Java, You can get more help documents and implementations from Internet. • Majority … Read more