JMeter Online Test

1) Apache JMeter is a ….. Tool a) Commercial Tool b) Open Source Tool 2) JMeter is a pure….based Application a) .NET b) C++ c) Java d) Python 3) JMeter is not used for… a) Database server Test b) Functional Test c) Usability Test d) Performance Test 4) JMeter does not support…. a) Load Testing … Read more

JMeter Tutorial 3: Elements of JMeter

Elements of Apache JMeter, Test Plan, Thread Group, Controllers, Listeners, Timers, Assertions, Configuration Elements, Pre-Processor Elements, Post-Processor Elements and Execution order of Test Elements. Start / Launch JMeter Tool, Select Test Plan, Add Thread Group, Add Processes, Add Samplers, Add Logic Controllers, Add Listners, Add Timers, Add Assertions, and Save the Test Plan. Create JMeter … Read more