UFT Class 33

UFT Class 33 (Debugging Tests, Database Objects and VBScript Examples) What is Debugging? Locating and isolating errors thru Step by step execution. Debugging is optional. When Debugging is required? Whenever Test is not showing any errors and not providing correct output. How to debug? Using VBScript debug commands and breakpoints. i) Step into (F11) a) … Read more

UFT Class 14

UFT Class 14 (Parameterization Part 2 – Parameterization using Data Table Parameters) 3) Using Data Table Parameters What is Data Table? It is an integrated spread sheet for Data related operations How to launch: View -> Data > Data Table has 2 types of sheets a) Global sheet b) Actions sheets (Local sheets) > Data … Read more

UFT Class 13

UFT Class 13 (Parameterization) What is Parameterization? Replacing constant (Fixed) values with parameter is called Parameterization. Purpose of Parameterization Passing single value but different value every time Passing multiple values. What is Data Driven Testing? Testing the same functionality using multiple sets of Test Data. Why Data Driven Testing? For Negative Testing For checking the … Read more