What are SQL, PL/SQL, and T-SQL?

What are SQL, PL/SQL, and T-SQL?

What are SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, Jet SQL, and SQL/PSM?, Data, Data Typee, Types of Database Management Systems, and SQL vs. NoSQL Databases. Selenium¬†(Selenium, Java, TestNG, and Live Project)¬†Online Training by G C Reddy What are SQL, PL/SQL, T-SQL, Jet SQL, and SQL/PSM?. SQL is a Database Management Languages, PL/SQL, T-SQL, Jet SQL, and SQL/PSM are … Read more

Database connections

SQL Databases

Database connections, Connection strings for SQL Databases, MS SQL Server database connection strings, Oracle connectivity, and MYSQL database. Database connections for connecting MS SQL Server, MS Access, Oracle, and MySQL databases, SQL Database connection strings The database connection is a facility in computer science that allows client software to communicate with database server software, whether … Read more

Introduction to NoSQL Databases


NoSQL Databases, What is NoSQL, Why NoSQL, Features of NoSQL, Types of NoSQL databases, Advantages of NoSQL, and Disadvantages of NoSQL. We have different types of data like structured data, semi-structured data, unstructured data, in the computer environment. We have two important categories of databases, SQL or Relational databases and NoSQL or Non-relational databases. Introduction … Read more