SQL Queries for Software Testers

sql tutorial

SQL Queries for Software Testers, Database Fundamentals, Database Engine Installation, SQL Language Elements, Data Definition Language, Data Manipulation language, and Data Control language. SQL Views, SQL Keys, SQL Indexes, and Database Normalization. Create the following Tables: LOCATION Location_ID Regional_Group 122 NEW YORK 123 DALLAS 124 CHICAGO 167 BOSTON   DEPARTMENT Department_ID Name Location_ID 10 ACCOUNTING … Read more

Prerequisites to learn Selenium

selenium training

Prerequisites to learn Selenium, Software Testing Fundamentals, Automated Testing Fundamentals, Software Programming Fundamentals, SQL / Database Fundamentals, and Web Fundamentals. Prerequisites to Learn Selenium Software Testing can be done in two ways, 1) Manual Testing 2) Automated Testing / Test Automation, No prior knowledge is required to learn Manual Testing, Computer Operating knowledge, Thinking, Reasoning, and … Read more

SQL Tutorial 4: Database Fundamentals

SQL Tutorial 4: Database Fundamentals and SQL Language Elements i) Database Fundamentals ii) SQL Language Elements ————————- i) Database Fundamentals • Database Server instance contains multiple databases • Database contains multiple Tables • Table contains multiple records (rows and columns) What is a Database? • A Database is a systematic collection of data. • Databases support … Read more