Database Testing Fundamentals

Database Testing Fundamentals

Database Testing Fundamentals, Introduction to SQL, DBMS, RDBMS, Data, Database, Record, Data Integrity, and SQL & NOSQL Database Testing. Database Testing Fundamentals 1) What is Data? Collection of Information or collection of raw facts 2) What is Database? It is a collection of related data 3) What is DBMS? Database Management System, It has different … Read more

Web Application Testing

Web Testing

Web Application Testing, Types of Web testing, links testing, images testing, web content testing, navigation testing, and web application performance testing. Web Application Testing, Manual Web Testing, and Automated web Testing. selenium and UFT like tools support Automated functional testing of web applications, and LoadRunner and JMeter like tools support Automated performance testing of web … Read more

Database Testing

Database Testing Interview Questions 1) What is Data? And how it is Importance to the Organization? A collection of facts, Pieces of information from which conclusions may be drawn. Ex: Resumes for managing the human Resources..! 2) What is Database? The Collection of Interrelated Data is called Database. 3) What is Database testing? Database testing … Read more