Introduction to Database Testing

SQL Tutorial

Introduction to Database Testing Introduction to Database Testing, What is Database Testing?, What is SQL?, How to Conduct Database Testing?, and Functional Testing vs. Database Testing. 1) What is Database Testing? 2) Functional Testing and Database Testing 3) How to Conduct Database Testing? 4) Manual Database Testing 5) Automated Database Testing 1) What is Database … Read more

SQL Knowledge For Software Testers

SQL Knowledge For Software Testers Basics of the SELECT Statement ┬áIn a relational database, data is stored in tables. An example table would relate Social Security Number, Name, and Address: EmployeeAddressTable SSN FirstName LastName Address City State 512687458 Joe Smith 83 First Street Howard Ohio 758420012 Mary Scott 842 Vine Ave. Losantiville Ohio 102254896 Sam … Read more