Software Testing Study Material

Software Testing Full Course Material

Software Testing Study Material, Software Test Levels, Software Test Types, Software Test Design Techniques, and Software Test Life Cycle. Software Testing Full Course Material 1.0. Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Software Development Life Cycle 2.1. SDLC Models – Waterfall Model Waterfall Model 2.2. SDLC Models – V Model V Model 2.3. SDLC Models – Spiral … Read more

Ecommerce Domain

Ecommerce Domain Fundamentals

Ecommerce Domain Knowledge for Software Testers, Business to business, Business to consumers, online shopping, and advantages of eCommerce. Interview Questions on Ecommerce Domain 1. What is a Web Portal and give some examples? The web portal is a business gateway ex: online shopping portals and like job portals 2. What are the Types of … Read more

ERP Domain Knowledge

ERP Domain Basics

ERP Domain Knowledge, What is ERP, Purpose of ERP, What Types of Businesses Use ERP Systems, ERP Software Packages, and Modules of ERP System. ERP Domain Basics for Software Professionals What is ERP? ERP is an industry acronym for Enterprise Resource Planning. Broadly speaking, ERP refers to automation and integration of a company’s core business … Read more

ERP Domain Knowledge for Software Testers

ERP Domain Knowledge for Software Professionals Generally Domain means an area, in our scenario (Software Testing), AUT (Application Under Test) Business area, we independent Software Testers must familiar with three types of skills, a) Software Testing Skills b) Domain Knowledge c) Technical Expertise We have various Domains in Software Development, BFSI, Banking, Insurance, ERP, Healthcare, … Read more

Software Testing As A Career

Software Testing As A Career Important Activities in IT (Information Technology) Industry: • Project Management • Business Analysis • Software Development (Front-end and Back-end) • Software Testing (Manual Testing and Automated Testing) • Technical Support (Network Administration/System Administration) • DBA (Database Administration) • Software Maintenance —————————————– If you want to choose software testing as your … Read more

Essentials for Successful Career in Software Testing

software testing

Essentials for Successful Career in Software Testing. Domain Knowledge, Programming Knowledge, SQL Knowledge for Software Test Engineers. I) Operating Systems II) Documentation III) SQL Basics/Database Fundamentals IV) Programming Fundamentals V) Web Environment Basics VI) Software Testing Concepts VII) Domain Knowledge VIII) Test Automation Using Selenium IX) Test Automation (Functional) Using UFT / QTP X) Test … Read more